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    Have other side of earth region pairs

    After reading about region pairs, I am not sure if you have the following. If there was a huge EM pulse from the sun or other, it would only affect one entire side of the earth at a time yes? If so, wouldn’t you want to pair with a data centre on the exact opposite side of the earth so it is shielded?

    Recovery Service Vault - Reporting

    Email Alerts that will show results of daily backup jobs ran including if they were successful, failed etc.Currently only failed jobs will be alerted

    find someone who hasn't tried Azure and requested help, for a hacker attack, and was mocked and abandoned to endure the chaos and panic.

    Your Azure was my inspiration to passionately struggle to save for something that works; like an Apple!

    Azure PowerShell commands are not get the number of direct role assignments

    From this ICMhttps://portal.microsofticm.com/imp/v3/incidents/details/210273753/homeWe learn that PowerShell commands $scope = "/subscriptions/"$ras = Get-AzRoleAssignment -Scope $scope | Where-Object {$_.scope.StartsWith($scope)}$ras.Countis getting the total number of direct + Inherited role assignmentsWhile chart on the Access control (IAM) page is showing the number of direct role assignments.So the description is misleading in https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/role-based-access-control/troubleshooting#azure-role-assignments-limitTo get the number of role assignments, you can view the chart on the Access control (IAM) page in the Azure portal. You can also use the following Azure PowerShell commands:Azure PowerShellCopy$scope = "/subscriptions/"$ras = Get-AzRoleAssignment -Scope $scope | Where-Object {$_.scope.StartsWith($scope)}$ras.CountMaybe we should only provide the method of viewing chart on the Access control (IAM) page in the Azure portal.Or make the difference between direct and direct + Inherited

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