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    Add validation to Server Admin field

    I spent several hours trying to figure out why I could not connect to my server from SSMS of Visual Studio. The server and the database seem to have been created properly. In the end the problem was that I had give a server admin names as roger@mydatabaseserver.com. When I tried to connect externally, the string was truncated at the @ symbol and the login failed

    Mcafee.com/Activate - Download and Activate McAfee Product Online

    McAfee protects your Windows and PC from various types of malware and viruses. To stop viruses from entering your files and folder saved on your PC, you have first to download McAfee software. Secondly, you need to install the McAfee product After the downloading process is successfully completed. At last, activate the McAfee product with a 25-digit alphanumeric activation code by visiting http://macfeemcafee.com/.

    azure adds

    hi everyone , i would like to install my domain controller, one RDS server, one data server in the cloud with azure ADDS, i don't want an hybride, i want only azure ADDS. Before install the domain controller and other servers in the cloud, i have a question. With the locals computers of the company if i don't have anymore a physically domain controller i could not connect my users on the domain controller in Azure ADDS because i will have account of this users but the locals computers will be not intgrated in this domain controller, so how can i do, do i'm forced to create virtual machine for my users ? thank you so much

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