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SAP HANA using Azure Backup now available in several Asia regions

Published date: January 22, 2020

The Azure Backup solution to backup SAP HANA DBs in Azure Virtual Machines is now generally available in Australia Central, Australia Central 2, Australia East (AE), Australia Southeast (ASE), Japan East (JPE), Japan West (JPW), Korea Central (KRC), and Korea South (KRS). Backup SAP HANA DBs in M-series VMs seamlessly, in scale-up mode and in SLES OS Azure Virtual Machines without any additional backup infrastructure. 

For more information on the backup solution pricing, see Azure Backup pricing.

The solution is BackInt certified for HANA running on single-node (scale-up Azure Virtual Machines. Refresh the system easily with the push of a button and take advantage of the central management capabilities of Azure Backup to monitor SAP HANA backups as well.

Learn more about backing up SAP HANA in Azure Virtual Machines.

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