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Monitoring your reservation and Marketplace purchases with Budgets

Published date: April 23, 2020

Budgets in Cost Management help you to plan for and drive organizational accountability. With Budgets, you can account for the Azure services you consume or subscribe to during a specific period and they help you inform others about their spending to proactively manage costs, and to monitor how spending progresses over time.

Until recently, budget evaluations only included usage information but today we’re announcing that budget evaluations now include reserved instances and purchase data. With this, Budgets will evaluate against a more complete set of your costs and if you have a budget for a scope that includes reservation and marketplace purchase data, you will receive budget alerts as these charges will be incorporated into your budget evaluations.

These costs for evaluating budgets are based on your actual costs only. If you want to avoid including your purchase information in the budget evaluation, include a charge type filter: usage for your budget.

To learn more about Budgets in Cost Management: Costs in Budget Evaluations

Read the Cost Management blog to learn more.

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