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General availability of workspace-based Application Insights

Published date: September 22, 2020

With rich application level monitoring capabilities, Azure Monitor Application Insights provides you with powerful tools to understand how your Azure hosted applications are behaving at scale.  It also provides insights on availability, reliability and performance issues. You can monitor QoS at scale, be alerted on and triage live site issues in the context of your applications, visualize the complex interdependence of the application roles, as well as root cause QoS issues impacting your Azure-hosted, hybrid, on-prem and multi-cloud digital businesses.

Workspace-based Application Insights integrates these APM capabilities with the rest of Azure Monitor Logs based experiences delivering on the enterprise promises around security and business continuity that are required by modern digital enterprises. You can now perform data analytics on top of both application and platform telemetry without the need for cross-workspace queries and have a robust unified management of your data in a single workspace.

Some of the enterprise readiness capabilities you can now take advantage of:

    • Data encryption at rest with customer managed keys (CMK)

    • Capacity reservation with discounted pricing

    • Lockbox support

    • Improved E2E ingestion latency

    • Global availability in General Availability satellite regions

    • Network isolation of both query and/or ingestion via Azure Monitor Private Link Scopes

    • Continuous export of app logs through Diagnostics Settings

      • Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) for APM Logs through continuous export to secondary Log Analytics Workspaces

      • Archives through hourly APM Logs export with per-telemetry-type retention control

      • Low-latency integration through pre-ingestion streaming export to EventHub

    • Bring Your Own Storage (BYOS) for code-level profiler/debugger diagnostics

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