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“How prepared are you to continue operations after a natural or man-made disruption?” At SerenITaas, that’s a question we ask companies that want serious solutions for system backup, disaster recovery, and server management. As a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner for Cloud Platform, we offer proven experience helping organizations of all sizes prepare for growth—and for the unknown.

What’s more, SerenITaas offers you a team of specialists who are adept at analyzing your needs, understanding your goals, and tailoring specific solutions to help you every step of the way. Backed by the extraordinary computing and storage capability of Microsoft Azure, you can rely on us for:

• Real-time data backup and retrieval—Our team can design and implement a data backup strategy for your systems that goes beyond simply copying information. We can provide you with a step-by-step strategy that maps out exactly what happens to your data, when it happens, how it’s secured, where it’s stored, and how to retrieve it quickly and easily from anywhere in the world. In addition, we can also integrate, categorize, and store legacy data that you may have saved to other media, such as hard drives or tapes.

• Disaster Recovery—In addition to our data backup service, we offer comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities. Our team can create a strategy that replicates your system’s entire architecture so that, should a catastrophic event occur, your staff can resume operations from PCs, workstations, tablets and phones, with complete access to all their documents, folders and data, whether your users are in an office, at home, or dispersed worldwide.

• Server deployment and management—Our specialists can streamline and simplify your IT operations by reconfiguring and redeploying your servers for maximum efficiency. We can also help you control costs by migrating all or part of your on-premises server infrastructure to the cloud. Using Microsoft Azure, we can offer you virtually unlimited server capabilities that are flexible, scalable, and integrate seamlessly with Office365, Microsoft Dynamics, as well as your third-party applications.

In addition, SerenITaas watches over your systems with a 24x7 Network Operations Center to monitor your critical services and provide on-demand IT Help Desk support. Our goal is to provide you with reliable, well-designed systems, operating at peak efficiency, with secure access to services and data.

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