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Windows Azure is an internet-scale cloud services platform hosted in Microsoft data centers around the world, proving a simple, reliable and powerful platform for the creation of web applications and services.

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• Web Sites
o Build highly scalable web sites on Windows Azure
o Quickly and easily deploy sites to a highly scalable cloud environment that allows you to start small and scale as traffic grows.
o Use the languages and open source apps of your choice then deploy with FTP, Git and TFS. Easily integrate Windows Azure services like SQL Database, Caching, CDN and Storage.
o Get started for free and scale up as your traffic grows. Build with ASP.NET, PHP or Node.js and deploy in seconds with FTP, Git or TFS.

• Infrastructure Services
Infrastructure on your terms Access scalable, on-demand infrastructure using Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks. Take advantage of what you already know to achieve new capabilities in the cloud.

• Mobile Services
Turnkey backend solutions for your mobile app App development with a scalable and secure backend hosted in Windows Azure. Incorporate structured storage, user authentication and push notifications in minutes.

• Cloud Services
Enterprise-grade cloud platform Create highly-available, infinitely scalable applications and services using a rich Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment. Support multi-tier scenarios, automated deployments and elastic scale.

• Big Data
Get actionable insights from your data Process, analyze, and gain new insights from big data using the power of Apache Hadoop.

• Media
Ingest, Encode, Protect, Stream Create, manage and distribute media in the cloud. This PaaS offering provides everything from encoding to content protection to streaming and analytics support.

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