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‘Key influencers’ AI visual is now available in Power BI Embedded analytics to help users identify what factors influence a KPI

Published date: June 07, 2019

AI can aid in data exploration by combing through the data to automatically find patterns, help users understand what the data means, and predict future outcomes. Power BI Embedded has been a pioneer in applying AI through natural language, which enables users to get answers by asking questions in plain English. We’re bringing more AI backed capabilities to Power BI Embedded analytics by delivering the key influencers analysis.

The Key influencers visual surfaces what factors influence a KPI’s rise or fall. For example, you want to analyze the factors that impact the user satisfaction of a product they bought from you. Factors that can impact this KPI can be the type of product they bought, the price, or even if the user is a first-time buyer vs a returning customer.

Machine learning is used to rank influencers, from most to least impactful, and a likelihood score and text description is provided to explain the impact. Users can drill into a factor to see the distribution of their data for that variable/category. As users interact with their reports, either through filtering or selecting visuals, the key drivers are re-evaluated and updated in real time.

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