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Deploy your first solution in 10 minutes or less

Try out these short tutorials on how to use Azure and start building projects right away.

Launch a Linux virtual machine

Deploy a Linux virtual machine using CLI.

Launch a Windows virtual machine

Create a Windows virtual machine with PowerShell.

Build a web app

Deploy a sample .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, Python or Ruby app.

Store and transfer data and apps

Access blob, table, and queue storage.

Build a serverless app

Create a "hello world" function in the Azure portal.

Build a data-driven app

Create an Azure SQL database in the Azure portal.

Attend a webinar on getting started with Azure

Get the most from Azure. Join the weekly Azure Getting Started webinars and watch presentations on using the Azure portal to create web apps, deploy SQL databases, build virtual machines, and more. Get your questions answered by Azure technical experts during live Q&A.