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Raw Logs and Metrics are generally available on Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Microsoft CDN

Published date: October 01, 2020

Analytics on CDN are of great value in order to obtain near real-time and rich insights into how CDN is performing and make informed decisions as a result. We have enabled new options for analytics:

    • Near real-time raw logs register every request sent to CDN edge and allow you to send logs to Azure storage, Event hub, or Log Analytics for further analysis. With logs, you can include CDN in yourself-built analytics platform and build a customized analysis on CDN for diagnostics and informed decisions. More details here.
    • Near real-time metrics are integrated with Azure Monitor and provide near real-time metrics on usage trend, request count, bytes hit ratio, and total latency. You are also able to look at different dimensions by endpoint, country, HTTP status, or status group to further understand your user distribution and how CDN is performing.
    • Alerts allow you to set up notifications for key metrics and take proper actions in real-time as a result.
    • Additional metrics via query samples under Azure Monitor Logs--you can embed query samples in Azure Monitor Logs to obtain a few additional key metrics including traffic by URL, error rate by URL, request errors by user agent, top 10 URL requests, unique IP request count, and top 10 client Ips.

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