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App Service Environment v3 in development--will launch November 1

Published date: September 22, 2020

Starting on November 1, 2020, customers can access our new Isolated v2 plan in public preview.  The plan leverages our new App Service Environment (v3), which features a simplified deployment experience enabling a best-in-class isolated app hosting environment for youto run your most sensitive web workloads.

  • This is a single tenant system with no public internet dependencies in your network.
  • The ASE is deployed in a Azure-managed VNet while application traffic is managed in your VNet, thus removing ASE management traffic from your VNet and reducing the number of network endpoints that must be secured.

This new environment allows you to customize your workload security while Azure secures the infrastructure dedicated to that workload. By removing the per instance stamp fee we've reduced the cost of deploying your web apps on the Isolated offering by up to 75% versus lv1.

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