Fujitsu EMEIA

Fujitsu EMEIA

Profilen Fujitsu EMEIA är inte tillgänglig i Svenska. Informationen är tillgänglig i English (UK).


Fujitsu enables your journey to digital by managing the complexity of Azure, providing migration and proactive management of business services running on Azure.

Fujitsu delivers a full range of end-to-end services: Assess your requirements and help you plan for deployment to Azure. Help to enable you on Azure, including migration, application re-platforming and optimizing of workloads for Azure. Operate your services on Azure, allowing you to focus on business services while Fujitsu focuses on the operations.

Fujitsu also provides SaaS-tools that help you utilize Azure even better, including Picco for Azure financial management, uForge AppCenter for migrating workloads and Fujitsu Cloud Services Manager for adding an end-to-end cloud orchestration and governance layer on top of Azure.

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