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Public preview: Blob CSI support in AKS

Published date: August 17, 2022

Azure offers a unique capability of mounting Blob Storage (or object storage) as a file system to a Kubernetes pod or application using BlobFuse or NFS 3.0 options. This allows you to use blob storage with a number of stateful Kubernetes applications including HPC, Analytics, image processing, and audio or video streaming. Not only that, if your application ingests data into Data Lake storage on Azure Blobs, you can now directly mount and use it with AKS. Previously, you had to manually install and manage the lifecycle of the open-source Azure Blob CSI driver including deployment, versioning, and upgrades. 

With this preview, you can use the Azure Blob CSI driver as a managed addon in AKS with built in storage classes for NFS and BlobFuse, reducing the operational overhead and maximizing time to value. 

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