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Azure.Source - Volume 52

pondělí 8. října 2018

Keep current on what's happening in Azure, including what's now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Spark + AI Summit Europe - Developing from cloud to the edge

středa 3. října 2018

Organizations around the world are gearing up for a future powered by data, cloud, and Artificial Intelligence. This week at Spark + AI Summit Europe, I talked about how Microsoft is committed to delivering cutting-edge innovations that help our customers navigate these technological and business shifts.

Corporate Vice President, Azure Data

Azure Portal October update

čtvrtek 11. října 2018

We heard your feedback loud and clear: it is hard to keep up with Azure’s pace of innovation. How do you learn about anything and everything new about Azure portal?

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Azure

Improved governance experience with Ethereum Proof-of-Authority 1.2

úterý 9. října 2018

Since launching Ethereum Proof-of-Authority we've received great feedback and have learned more about the ways our customers have leveraged this solution to roll out their Blockchain applications. We’ve rolled out a number of features that improve user-experience, configurability, and deployment reliability.

Software Engineer, Azure Global

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