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Exercise your greatest power as a developer

22 prosince, 2016

To be a good developer is to be a perpetual learner; it is essential for survival. The problems you solve are always changing, but the programming languages, platforms, hardware, tools and technologies you use to solve them are either on their way in, evolving, or are on their way out.

Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloud Platform
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Blockchain Basics & Partner Strategy

5. ledna 2017

This will give you an overview of Microsoft Azure's Blockchain Strategy and how we intend to work with our partners to create enterprise solutions. This includes written content, slides, and a video.

Director of Engineering Strategy

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Collaboration and federation: Azure Service Bus Messaging on-premises futures

18. ledna 2017

We are announcing today that we will not provide an immediate successor for the standalone, on-premises Service Bus for Windows Server 1.1 product. The product, available as a free download, will go out of mainstream support on January 9, 2018, as announced at product release. Future on-premises messaging capabilities will be delivered in the context of Azure Stack where we can deliver a consistent experience with the public cloud services.

Architect, Azure Service Bus

Announcing the availability of Clear Linux* OS in Azure Marketplace

18. ledna 2017

We’re excited to announce the availability of Clear Linux* OS for Intel® Architecture in Azure Marketplace. Microsoft Azure is the first public cloud provider to offer Clear Linux. Clear Linux OS is a free, open source Linux distribution built from the ground up for cloud and data center environments and tuned to maximize the performance and value of Intel architecture.

Product Manager, Open Source