Aktualizace Azure

Informace o důležitých aktualizacích produktů Azure, plánech a oznámeních. Přihlaste se k odběru oznámení, abyste byli vždy v obraze.


    červenec 2018

    13 čvc

    Lenovo XClarity Integrator pro Azure Log Analytics

    Lenovo XClarity Integrator pro Azure Log Analytics je k dispozici na Azure Marketplace.

    červen 2018

    16 čvn

    Start/Stop VMs during off-hours in Azure Automation has been updated

    Start/Stop VMs during off-hours in Azure Automation has been updated in the areas of email functionality, dependent modules, and runbooks.

    únor 2017

    6 úno

    Announcing the new Azure Marketplace experience

    The new Azure Marketplace experience will help you discover and deploy products, deep dive for more info, and get hands-on experience.

    květen 2016

    18 kvě

    Automation Runbook Gallery update

    The Azure Automation Runbook Gallery supports script content from the PowerShell Gallery.

    leden 2016

    8 led

    Azure Automation: Graphical and PowerShell runbooks added to Gallery

    To help with common automation tasks, four new graphical runbooks and two new PowerShell runbooks are available in the Automation gallery.

    srpen 2014

    8 srp

    MyGet available in the Microsoft Azure Store

    MyGet provides hosted NuGet Servers. Developers can use their own packages to create and host NuGet feeds, or use another package source (such as NuGet.org).

    4 srp

    MemCachier memcache-as-a-service available in the Azure Store

    MemCachier is now offering their popular memcache-as-a-service in the Azure Store. MemCachier manages and scales clusters of memcache servers so that you can focus on your app.

    červenec 2014

    23 čvc

    Manage virtual machines in the Azure Preview portal

    Use the Azure Preview portal to create, manage, and monitor your virtual machines.

    květen 2014

    12 kvě

    Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 client VM images are now available for MSDN subscribers

    Virtual machine images for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 are now available in the Azure virtual machine gallery.