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Akce k uvedení sady Visual Studio 2017 a 20. výročí

Aktualizace Azure

Azure.Source - Volume 50

21 zář – Keep current on what's happening in Azure, including what's now in preview, generally available, news & updates, and more.

Deep dive into Azure Artifacts

21 zář – Azure Artifacts manages the dependencies used in your codebase and provides easy tools to ensure the immutability and performance of those components. Released as one of the new services available…

Remote Monitoring Solution allows for root cause analysis with Azure Time Series Insights

20 zář – With the abundance of data coming from IoT devices and the global nature of business today, it’s essential to be able to understand correlations and track historical trends across your assets.

Getting AI/ML and DevOps working better together

20 zář – Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies extend the capabilities of software applications that are now found throughout our daily life: digital assistants, facial recognition, photo captioning, banking services, and product recommendations. The difficult part about integrating AI or ML into an application is not the technology, or the math, or the science or the algorithms.

Simplify modern data warehousing with Azure SQL Data Warehouse and Fivetran

20 zář – We’re excited to announce that Fivetran has certified their zero maintenance, zero configuration, data pipelines product for Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Připojte se k nám: Uvedení sady Visual Studio 2017 a 20. výročí

9 úno – S pýchou i pokorou si připomínám, že Visual Studio slaví dvacáté narozeniny! A v této úžasné chvíli vám chci také oznámit, že sadu Visual Studio 2017 vydáme 7. března.

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