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General Availability: Azure Mobile Engagement

Publié le 29 septembre, 2015

Principal Group PM Manager, Azure Mobile Engagement

Azure Mobile Engagement is now generally available.

In a mobile-first world, where consumers and users have an overabundance of choice and businesses see eroding user loyalty, customer engagement has changed!

Whether you develop or publish employee-facing, business-facing or consumer-facing apps, mobility has become ubiquitous and is now the primary interaction point with customers. Users are walking around every day with a means of connecting to you and your brand, right in their pockets. Often, their first encounter with your brand is on their mobile device. That is why a strong mobile engagement strategy is so critical to every business.

So welcome to the age of customer engagement, where Azure Mobile Engagement allows you to:

  • Manage - Programmatic mobile campaign delivery across platforms and audiences
  • Personalize - Unique messaging for unique customers
  • Boost - Optimized experiences for greater user retention
  • Monetize - Amplified ROI with increased visitation and upsell opportunities to maximize lifetime value

Azure Mobile Engagement is a SaaS-delivered, data-driven user engagement platform that enables real-time fine-grain user segmentation, app user analytics, contextually-aware smart push notifications and in-app messaging across all connected devices.

It closes the loop for developers, app owners and LoB decision makers to get directly in touch with the app users in a personal, contextually-aware and non-intrusive way, exactly when it makes the most sense for both parties.

With Azure Mobile Engagement, you can create automated cutting-edge interactions that:

  • Make insights actionable in real-time and increase app usage
  • Leverage a value added push and in-app messaging platform
  • Utilize open APIs and make integrations easy
  • Take advantage of global data protection and privacy

Azure Mobile Engagement has SDKs available for Apple iOS, Google Android, Windows Universal Apps, Windows Phone Apps and Apache Cordova.

For more information, visit Azure Mobile Engagement. For a comprehensive look at pricing, please visit the Azure Mobile Engagement pricing details webpage.