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Azure Communication Services

Build multichannel communication experiences

Reach more customers across devices and platforms

Azure Communication Services offers multichannel communication APIs for adding voice, video, chat, text messaging/SMS, email, and more to all your applications.

Learn about new releases, including call automation and email, featured at Microsoft Ignite

Communication services for video, voice, chat, and SMS across applications, websites, and mobile platforms

Certified compliant communication platform to meet your business needs, including HIPAA, GDPR, and SOC 2 standards

Streamlined development on a fully managed Azure platform with GitHub and Visual Studio tools

Open-source SDKs to create engaging experiences, and seamless communication interoperability with Microsoft Teams

Build custom app experiences connected to Microsoft Teams

Improve interactions with customers by streamlining voice, video, and chat communications through your custom-built app on the Microsoft Teams platform. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and chat usage is billed to your Azure resource only when using Azure APIs and SDKs, which means usage for Teams app users interacting with Azure Communication Services applications is free.*

 *VoIP and chat usage for Microsoft Teams app users are included with Microsoft 365 licenses.

Build custom app experiences connected to Microsoft Teams
Online Doctor Consultation via Video Call

Build a sample virtual appointment app in minutes

Seamlessly connect with clients, patients, or customers as if you’re in the same room. Virtual appointments combine video calling, chat, and SMS in a customizable, ready-to-deploy solution.

Scale up or down with a proven global platform

Deliver reliable enterprise-grade calling, chat, and messaging capabilities from a global, low-latency network that automatically scales to meet your demands.

Two people having a conversation over a Teams meeting on a laptop
A person holding a mobile phone displaying a text conversation

Enhance communications with Azure services and tools

Azure services are designed to work together. For example, easily build SMS-based automation workflows connected to business-critical systems using Azure Event Grid and Logic Apps.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Azure Communication Services APIs

High-quality audio and video

Take advantage of low-latency network capabilities for an uninterrupted calling experience.

Build and control your communication experiences.

Seamlessly shift between voice and video calls in a multichannel communication experience.

Chat capabilities that strengthen real-time connection

Launch a session quickly for real-time response.

Personalize customer conversations with an agent chat interface.

Easily manage growing customer service needs with a fast time to resolution.

Fastest-growing method of connecting with customers

Deliver important information to customers anytime, anywhere.

Improve on-the-go interactions with rich media interoperability and seamless connections.

Build messaging workflows with Logic Apps and Event Grid.

Drive customer engagement at scale with easy, automated short code functionality.

End-to-end communication scenarios with telephony capabilities

Provision numbers that support inbound and outbound calling and text messaging.

Eliminate unsolicited calls or texts by using clean numbers that are run through extensive verification.

Connect your on-premises equipment and carrier of choice using direct routing.

Production-ready Email APIs

Get high-volume sending support for application-to-person use cases.

Send mail from your own verified domains.

Follow easy onboarding steps to quickly add email capabilities to your applications.

Measure success and engagement with email analytics.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes

"Partnering with Microsoft and using Azure Communication Services … [empowers] companies to truly realize their multichannel strategy with Microsoft Teams as their central communication tool."

Philipp Beck, CEO, Luware


"Azure Communication Services and other Microsoft 365 components inspired us to develop our Digital Bank-Shop in collaboration with Luware. Luware uses Azure Communication Services to provide a Teams endpoint in our Digital Bank-Shop: Our customers from all over the country can see the presence status of their bank advisor and start a video or voice call."

Axel Schardt, Lead Skill & Service Level Management, Degussa Bank AG

Degussa Bank

"Azure and helped us move quickly so we could hit the ground running during COVID-19—and keep residents' data secure."

Gail Roper, Chief Information Officer, Montgomery County (Maryland) Government
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Frequently asked questions about Azure Communication Services

  • Voice and Video Calling (VoIP only) as well as Chat services are available globally. Customer data storage and support available in select Azure Geographies, learn more here: Region availability and data residency for Azure Communication Services | Microsoft Learn. SMS toll-free numbers are available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Short codes are available in the United States only. Telephony services are available in the United States, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Canada, Italy, and Sweden.

  • Developers enjoy free VoIP and chat usage for Microsoft Teams app users. Standard VoIP and chat pricing apply to participant usage on Azure Communication Services endpoints. VoIP and chat usage for Microsoft Teams endpoints are included with Microsoft 365 licenses.
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