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Azure Content Delivery Network

Fast, reliable content delivery network with global reach

Increase speed and scalability for an optimal user experience

Azure Content Delivery Network offers a global solution for rapidly delivering content. Save bandwidth and improve responsiveness when encoding or distributing gaming software, firmware updates, and IoT endpoints. Reduce load times for websites, mobile apps, and streaming media to increase user satisfaction globally.

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Stream media and download large files quickly with optimized delivery.

Provide a scalable solution to handle worldwide traffic spikes and instantaneous high loads.

Integrate seamlessly with your Azure services to activate within minutes.

Protect content with custom domain HTTPS, DDoS, and WAF protection.

Improved performance and user experience

Users expect a fast, reliable, and personalized web experience wherever they are. Content Delivery Network helps reduce latency and improve performance for high-bandwidth content by distributing user requests and serving content directly from edge servers. This brings the content closer to users and sends less traffic to the origin point, delivering superior online experiences.

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Skyscrapers in a city.

Global coverage and massive scalability

Scale on the fly with no downtime using a platform that responds to traffic fluctuations. A distributed, global presence enables Content Delivery Network to handle sudden traffic spikes and heavy loads—for example, during major product launches or global sporting events—without new infrastructure costs or capacity concerns. Global, distributed points of presence (PoPs) ensure fast delivery of content and protects the origin from excessive load.

Protection at the edge

Optimize security through features like custom domain HTTPS and DDoS mitigation. Enable Content Delivery Network to put edge servers on the front line serving and protect the origin server from malicious attacks. Set advanced rules to block requests or validate users and use geo-filtering to ensure the content is delivered only to specific regions.

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Automate processes and workflows with DevOps

Azure APIs and developer tools give you the performance, reliability, and security needed to build and automate global applications fast. A unified API allows you to deploy Content Delivery Network endpoints from each provider and still manage them the same way. Azure APIs also provide the flexibility to optimize features for availability and performance.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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Optimize delivery across scenarios

Providing uninterrupted, high-definition streaming

Firstlight Media wanted to improve its datacenter’s scalability, decrease customers’ upfront investments, and maintain 99.99 percent availability, so it began a digital transformation and migrated its live and VOD streaming on-premises infrastructures to Azure.

Firstlight Media

Building a working website prototype within minutes

Chipotle's team used Azure Content Delivery Network to build a single-page app that could integrate with the company's existing content management system and back-end services.


Instantly distributing content

GeekWire accelerated load times and cut latency to improve user experience for their dynamic web applications and website with Azure Content Delivery Network.

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Content Delivery Network documentation and resources

Frequently asked questions about App Center

  • Azure Front Door is an application delivery network service that offers Layer 7 load-balancing capabilities for your applications. It delivers content while protecting apps, APIs, and websites from cyberthreats, and works seamlessly with Azure services and modern content delivery network (CDN) technology.

    Azure Content Delivery Network is a globally distributed network of servers that can efficiently deliver web content to consumers. It stores cached content on the edge servers' PoP locations that are close to users, thereby minimizing network latency.

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