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An overview video of Microsoft Azure and what you can do. Presented by Scott Hanselman.

Virtual Machines

Learn how to create a Windows Server Virtual Machine and manage it with Remote Desktop.

Learn how to create a Linux Virtual Machine and connect and manage it with SSH.

Web Apps

Learn how to create and deploy an ASP.NET Web App with Azure App Service

Learn how to create and deploy a Web App with Node.js and Azure App Service


Learn how to get started using Azure Storage services including blobs, tables, files, and queues from Windows and Linux.

Learn how to create a SQL Database in Azure.

Serverless Computing

Learn how to use the new Azure Functions serverless architecture

Understanding Azure - a guide for developers

Develop from day one on Microsoft Azure—the right home for all your apps, from “Hello, world” to highly distributed, scalable solutions. We’ll get you up and running with an insider’s guide on everything you need to know to start building applications today.

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