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Manage, ingest, classify, resolve, and consume big data quickly and easily with ZettaSense advanced analytics platform. Scan data from multiple data sources, identify data duplication, and leverage machine learning to clean and remediate data, with no programming required.


Cloud Control

Use a single platform to back up, migrate, archive, and move data to Azure. Commvault Cloud Control (all-in-one) can serve as your only data management platform for the new hybrid IT environment, including both on-premises and cloud locations. Try free for 150 days.


Bitdefender GravityZone Elite

Prevent and detect the full spectrum of sophisticated cyber threats with a proven layered approach and next-gen, non-signature technologies that stop advanced techniques such as advanced ransomware, zero-day malware, fileless attacks, script-based attacks, and grayware.

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Financial services

Zscaler CSPM Cloud Assurance - Financial

Improve cloud security visibility and enforce standards at the speed and scale of digital business with the SaaS-based Zscaler CSP solution.


Datanomix Fusion

Automatically fuse data from all machines into an easy production scoring system that drives your team to action in real time.


Footprints for Retail - SaaS

Manage all interactions with your physical shoppers with this advanced AI platform that anticipates shoppers' next moves.


Low Carbon App

Accurately estimate the impact of low carbon installations in your buildings in just minutes so that you can optimize energy bills and reduce carbon emissions.

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ShookIOT develops solutions that help their customers get more value from operating data to make better, faster decisions. Lean how they used Azure Marketplace to compete with much larger companies and make their biggest deal yet with a Fortune 50 client.

"We were able to do everything through the Azure Marketplace to start transacting, start doing business, and providing a solution immediately."

Leanna Chan, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, ShookIOT