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Monthly feature of apps that support analytics, migration, and security needs.


Confluent Platform

Quickly and easily deploy Confluent Platform on Microsoft Azure to allow users to quickly develop their own streaming applications, micro-services, analytics, fraud detection, and various modernization scenarios—as well as stream and process data with Azure data services.


Repstance Advanced Edition

Deploy, distribute, and use your data in ways that are either not available or that are cost prohibitive when compared with other solutions. Perform basic migration and ongoing replication functions, whether on-premises or in the cloud.


Thycotic Privilege Manager

Get an all-in-one solution for helping to mitigate critical vulnerabilities, security threats, and malware without disrupting business users or your IT support team. Help secure accounts and endpoints to lessen risk and maximize productivity.

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Monthly feature of apps that support innovation and software needs in key industries.

Financial services

DataVisor Enterprise

Integrate different signals, third-party data, and heterogeneous data sources to help deliver superior fraud detection and minimize financial loss.



Enable your life sciences organization to outsource manufacturing to global partners with the same confidence, trust, and control as internal manufacturing.


On-Shelf Availability Measurement (SaaS)

Address your business needs across all retail functions, including supply chain, category management, store operations, and finance.


Smart Green Drivers

Empower all of your drivers to discover the impact of their behavior with Smart Green Drivers and follow a roadmap to net-zero.

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Leanna Chan, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer, ShookIOT