No matter what you sell, you need secure and scalable e-commerce solutions that meet the demands of both your customers and business. Engage customers through customized products and offers, process transactions quickly and securely, and focus on fulfillment and customer service.


"To be one of the best e-commerce destinations in the US, we will have to handle millions of customers, placing tens of thousands of orders a day. That requires a top-class e-commerce system built on a flexible, open cloud platform. This is exactly what we got with Azure."

Mike Hanrahan, CTO, Jet.com

Give customers what they want—and drive sales

Before you can sell it, people must want to buy it. Our e-commerce platform lets you analyze site traffic and browse-to-buy conversion rates to define special offers and new products based on customer behavior. Create personalized shopping experiences with targeted content and offers, and increase satisfaction through ongoing engagement—before, after, and at the point of sale.

Iberia Express
"Azure allows us to reinvent the way in which we attend to Iberia Express' customers and offer them new products and services, thereby enhancing the direct sales channel as a strategic aspect of the company in forthcoming years."

Jorge Saco, CFO

Analyze e-commerce data to drive sales.
Securely make transactions with e-commerce solutions.

Transact more sales, more often, more securely

More customers mean more transactions. Make sure you’re ready to handle every transaction smoothly by designing an e-commerce purchasing experience that’s simple to navigate. Then, deploy it to a secured and compliant e-commerce platform.

Laura Geller
"During a recent flash sale, we reached 16.7 percent conversion with no payment processing slowdowns."

Alyce Cucurullo, President

Have the capacity to meet customer demand

You need an e-commerce solution that adapts to the size and seasonality of your business. When demand for your products or services takes off—predictably or unpredictably—be prepared to handle more customers and more transactions automatically. Plus, take advantage of cloud economics by paying only for the capacity you use.

"Because both PaaS and App Service scale automatically for us, we are able to throw as many machines as we need at the front end, when we need them."

Mike Hanrahan, CTO

Use e-commerce platforms to optimize your supply chain.

Optimize every point in your supply chain

Driving sales isn’t the only way to increase your bottom line. Save money by streamlining your supply chain, reducing support costs, and increasing satisfaction with your suppliers and sellers through online self-service portals. Improve inventory management and reduce shipping costs using order information and historical customer data.

"We've seen a significant drop in support costs, because all our franchisees, retailers, and wholesalers now have self-service access to order reports, customer return data, marketing materials, jewelry specs, and other information that they used to have to ask customer service representatives to provide."

Phillip R. Kennedy, Director of Information Technology

Focus on driving sales, not managing IT infrastructure

Your core business is selling. Not IT. Take advantage of pre-built services in the cloud to create an e-commerce solution that enhances your sales performance and leaves the infrastructure management to your cloud provider.

Sierra Flower Trading
"When you're struggling with infrastructure, you're not dealing with real business issues. We used Azure to build a solution that was simple, agile, and reliable enough that we could focus on the complexities of selling flowers in a global market."

Tom Leckman, President

Azure e-commerce solutions drive sales.

Jumpstart e-commerce in your organization

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Architect scalable e-commerce web appThe e-commerce website includes simple order processing workflows with the help of Azure services. Using Azure Functions and Web Apps, developers can focus on building personalised experiences and let Azure take care of the infrastructure.217896543

The e-commerce website includes simple order processing workflows with the help of Azure services. Using Azure Functions and Web Apps, developers can focus on building personalized experiences and let Azure take care of the infrastructure.

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