Business SaaS apps

Better serve and engage your customers. Use business insights and intelligence from Azure to build software as a service (SaaS) apps that provide operational efficiency, data security, and flexible scale—while doubling revenue opportunity compared to traditional packaged apps (according to the AMI-Partners Global Model).


“Building our application on Azure has made it really easy to leverage the latest technologies like microservices to innovate faster. We’re also able to scale out to meet our customers where they are, manage thousands of customer databases as one, and protect our customer’s data. With Azure, we can ensure our margins are healthy and grow our business without a hitch.”

Matt Watson, Founder and CEO

Achieve game-changing efficiency

Take advantage of Azure to reclaim the time you spend managing hardware and updates. Consolidate your customers into single multitenant installations that reduce variety and complexity, reduce operating costs, and scale with you. And use monitoring tools and machine learning to create the operational environment that your SaaS app requires.

"Thanks to Azure’s simplicity and flexibility, Stackify’s developers are able to put aside managing servers and troubleshooting problems, so they can focus on what’s important: improving their app and building new features for our customers. Azure Service Fabric will only add to our abilities to do that."

Matt Watson, Founder and CEO

Protect your customers’ data

Create the secure environment your customers demand, with a built-in 99.99% high-availability SLA to ensure consistent performance and intelligent layers of security to prevent unauthorized access to your customers’ data. Building your apps on Azure also gives you the most comprehensive compliance coverage of any cloud provider.

"Items within this container boundary contain sensitive data that is crucial to a business, and storing those items in an isolated database keeps them well protected. We can manage authorization at the database level, and even automate the management and scale-out of these databases without requiring database administrators (DBAs) on staff."

Carlo Kuip, IT architect

Create engaging user experiences

Deliver new value to your customers through rich, personalized experiences and recommendations built with ready-to-use machine-learning algorithms. Use embedded business intelligence to provide interactive visualizations that help customers gain valuable insights into their data.

"We’ve been able to easily embed data analytics in our solution, which will provide customers a higher level of business intelligence into their key processes."

Alain Gentilhomme, Chief Technology Officer

Global scale and a flexible platform

Keep your preferred development environment, whether you’re moving to the cloud or starting from scratch. Take advantage of containerization or a microservices-based approach with minimal code changes, and build on a reliable cloud platform that scales globally with your business.

"We were happy with the Microsoft development tools that we were already familiar with, like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Azure SQL Database,, and Internet Information Services (IIS). Before investing in an IaaS or a PaaS cloud solution, we wanted to make sure that it would support our Microsoft tools and platforms, so we wouldn’t have to make massive changes to our code base."

Henry Been, Software Architect

Microsoft AppSource

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AppSource is the premier destination to market and distribute your apps, content packs, and add-ins—all backed by a brand that billions of customers already know and trust. Showcase your apps that work with Dynamics, Office, Power BI, Azure, and more.

Jumpstart Business SaaS Apps in your organization

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