Azure Sphere

Comprehensive IoT security solution—including hardware, OS, and cloud components—to help you innovate with confidence

Unlock the potential of IoT with confidence in your security

As billions of new devices are connected, organizations need to secure them to help protect data, privacy, physical safety, and infrastructure. Azure Sphere builds on decades of Microsoft experience in hardware, software, and cloud to provide a turnkey solution for IoT devices. Get defense in depth to embrace IoT innovation with confidence.

Defense in depth provides multiple layers of protection to help guard devices against and respond to threats

Deployment flexibility helps you secure existing equipment and build protection into new IoT investments

Over-the-air (OTA) updates make it easy to add new features and improve performance throughout device lifecycles

Error reporting and automatic security updates help you stay ahead of new and evolving threats

Get defense in depth for IoT

  • Azure Sphere–certified chips from our hardware partners have built-in Microsoft security technology to provide connectivity and a dependable hardware root of trust.
  • Azure Sphere OS adds layers of protection and ongoing security updates to create a trustworthy platform for new IoT experiences.
  • Azure Sphere Security Service brokers trust for device-to-cloud communication, detects emerging threats, and continually renews device security.

Use Azure Sphere with any device

Securely connect your existing equipment

Build and roll out new, connected IoT devices

Fortify IoT with layered security

Azure Sphere is the only solution that delivers the seven essential security properties for the future of connected devices. Build your IoT operations on a chip with robust hardware security, a defense-in-depth OS, and a cloud security service that monitors devices and responds to emerging threats so you don’t have to.

Explore seven properties of highly secure devices

Prioritize your business objectives

Lighten the load of connecting, managing, and securing IoT devices at scale, and eliminate the need to invest in additional infrastructure or staff. Azure Sphere helps you optimize development and delivery, using a flexible software delivery model and development tools. Connect to any cloud, public or private.

See how Azure Sphere enables new experiences

Build a future of securely connected devices

Deliver next-generation experiences with built-in connectivity and security. By embracing IoT to develop new products and services, you can drive innovation, delight customers, improve your margins, and increase your value.

Learn what’s possible with IoT and Azure Sphere

Setting a new standard for IoT device security

  • Azure Sphere protects every device with seven properties of highly secured, internet-connected devices.
  • Ensure device integrity and prevent malicious actors from taking control of your devices or compromising your data with defense in depth.
  • Keep devices secured as new threats emerge and restore the health of compromised devices with automated OS and security updates.
  • Azure Sphere devices only run signed, authentic software, mitigating the risk of threats like malware and application tampering.

Our hardware ecosystem

A global ecosystem of Microsoft partners delivers revolutionary new IoT hardware—from MCUs and crossovers to modules, development kits, and guardian devices—to bring Azure Sphere to a broad range of customers and applications.

Media Tek 3620

MediaTek’s new cross-over class of MCU includes built-in Microsoft security technology, built-in connectivity, and combines the versatility and power of a Cortex-A processor with the low overhead and real-time guarantees of a Cortex-M class processor.

Avnet Wi-Fi Module

Azure Sphere-based module designed for easy final product assembly. Simplifies quality assurance with stamp hole (castellated) pin design.

Available June 2019

AI-Link Wi-Fi Module

Designed for cost-sensitive applications. Simplifies quality assurance with stamp hole (castellated) pin design.

USI Dual Band Wi-Fi Module

Supports BLE and Bluetooth 5 Mesh. Can also work as an NFC tag (for non-contact Bluetooth pairing and device provisioning).

Available for prototyping

Avnet MT3620 Starter Kit

Azure Sphere prototyping and development platform. Connectors allow easy expandability options with a range of MikroE Click and Grove modules.

Seeed MT3620 Dev Board

Designed for comprehensive prototyping. Available expansion shields enable Ethernet connectivity and support for Grove modules.

Seeed MT3630 Mini Dev Board

Designed for size-constrained prototypes. Built on the AI-Link module for a quick path from prototype to commercialization.

Avnet Guardian Module

Unblocks brownfield IoT by bringing Azure Sphere's security to equipment previously deemed too critical to be connected.

Available soon 2019

Trusted by companies across industries for all types of devices

"Any time we can create additional moments of connection between our partners and customers we want to explore and activate. Our machines are what allow our partners to create that special beverage, and ensuring they are working properly is critical."

Natarjan “Venkat” Venkatakrishnan, VP of Global Equipment, Starbucks

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"Thanks to a unique architectural performance using a secure Azure Sphere microchip, LEONI and Microsoft together can also provide essential elements to the continuous improvement of digital functional models of cable systems as well as the active control of interfaces, making data end energy transfer of today's applications intelligent and secure."

Bastian Hitz, Head of Think Tank and Digital Solution Projects, LEONI

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"We at E.ON believe in increasingly electrified and connected homes, improving our customers' comfort at home and their quality of life. By teaming up with Microsoft and leveraging Azure Sphere we can leverage the opportunity and power of IoT and AI in a highly secure, trusted, and scalable way."

Alex Cirlan, Head of Global Domain, HEM and Software, E.ON

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"We work hand-in-hand with hospital IT staff and take a defense-in-depth approach. Azure Sphere will allow us to really button up that last leg of our stack—hardware—to ensure we have the best protection against any potential security risks."

Jason Slater, Technology Solutions Architect, PURELL SMARTLINK Technology

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Frequently asked questions about Azure Sphere

  • Azure Sphere components are tightly integrated and sold together at a single, one-time cost—delivering a highly secure solution for building connected devices and scaling your IoT deployment.
  • Azure Sphere works with a diverse group of expert hardware manufacturers and their broad ecosystem of vendors to design specialized Azure Sphere–certified chips that meet the needs of various markets. Extensive research and testing contribute to the development of the security technology and architecture for each Azure Sphere–certified chip.
  • Azure Sphere does not require you to pay any ongoing fees. The one-time cost you pay for your MCU chip includes access to the Azure Sphere OS, Azure Sphere Security Service, and OS updates for the lifetime of your chip.
  • If you already have connection-capable devices and equipment deployed within your organization, or if you’re considering connecting devices for the first time, Azure Sphere can help you protect your devices with guardian modules.

    Guardian modules are physical attachments that require little or no equipment redesign, processing data and controlling equipment without ever exposing the equipment to the network. Guardian modules protect your operational equipment from disabling attacks, simplify device retrofit projects, and boost efficiency through over-the-air (OTA) updates and IoT connectivity.

  • Azure Sphere is engineered to integrate with any cloud service, public or private—not just Azure. You can connect to other clouds for app data while running Azure Sphere—or optimize efficiencies by using Azure Sphere alongside Visual Studio and Azure IoT.
  • Azure Sphere provides a complement to Windows for IoT. Windows IoT provides a best-in-class solution for devices with MPU-class processing power or rich user experiences. Azure Sphere brings Microsoft security innovations and expertise in hardware, software, and the cloud to IoT devices.

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