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Azure IoT Operations PREVIEW

Build interoperable IoT solutions that transform physical operations at scale.
Capture asset data, process it at the edge, and send it to the cloud with Azure Arc–enabled services

Transform physical operations

  • Generate edge insights with a comprehensive platform of cloud to edge components that work together reliably.  
  • Capture, normalize, and process asset and device data at the edge and send and receive insights to and from the cloud. 
  • Use Azure Arc to deploy, manage, and govern resources running across your physical and cloud environments. 
  • Repeatably build, deploy, and update applications from cloud to edge with Kubernetes.

 Wrangle edge data and generate actionable insights

Data processing at the edge

Normalize and process data at the edge in near real time. 

Asset discovery

Securely and automatically detect devices and assets using standard protocols for communication.

Standardized approach

Ensure interoperability through industry standards such as MQTT, OPC UA, and OpenTelemetry.

Unified management and monitoring

Use Azure Arc to deploy, manage, and govern resources across your physical and cloud environments. 

Cloud-integrated, AI-driven actions

Use cloud connectors and analytics services for seamless integrations.

End-to-end security 

Strengthen your security posture with built-in Azure security.

Built-in security and compliance 

Microsoft has committed to investing $20 billion in cybersecurity over five years.
We employ more than 8,500 security and threat intelligence experts across 77 countries.
Azure has one of the largest compliance certification portfolios in the industry.
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Pricing for Azure IoT Operations 

There's no charge for this product while it's in preview. 

Learn more about Azure IoT

Liberate your data at the edge, efficiently secure and manage your cloud assets, and proactively make decisions across your entire enterprise.

 Get started with Azure IoT Operations


Get concepts and quickstarts in the Microsoft Learn center.

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Get rich marketplace of enablement and education assets. 

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Watch an introduction to Azure IoT Operations.


  • Azure IoT Operations is suited for a variety of use cases in various industries such as predictive/prescriptive maintenance, factory automation, asset health, sustainable operations, modernizing store operations, edge vision AI, and real time analytics and monitoring.
  • Azure IoT Operations minimum hardware requirements are 16 GB RAM, Intel/AMD x64 with 4 cores.
  • Azure IoT Operations validated environment is intended for use with Azure Arc validated partner products. Currently, Microsoft has validated Azure IoT Operations against these fixed set of infrastructures and environments:
      Environment   Version
      AKS EE on Windows 11 IoT Enterprise      AksEdge-k3s-1.25.8-1.2.414.0 
      K3s on Ubuntu 22.04.2      K3s version 1.27.3
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Get started with a free account

Start with $200 Azure credit.
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