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Azure pricing

Get the best value at every stage of your cloud journey with simple pricing and predictable, transparent costs.

Get the best value at any stage of your cloud journey

  • Get started with a free trial or a consumption-based pricing model that lets you pay only for the cloud resources you use and scale as you grow. Save more on consistent usage with commitment-based offers such as Azure reservations and Azure savings plan for compute.
  • Evaluate the potential cost savings of moving your workloads to Azure with the total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator and the Azure Migrate tool. Get guidance for building cloud-native solutions in Azure using established patterns and practices in the Azure Architecture Center.
  • Accurately budget monthly costs for Azure products and services using the pricing calculator. Include considerations for deployments in various Azure regions and cost-saving offers such as Azure reservations, Azure savings plan for compute, and Azure Hybrid Benefit.
  • Continually improve your workloads while managing cloud costs so you can refocus your cloud investments toward top business priorities. Identify cost efficiencies with Copilot in Microsoft Cost Management, FinOps best practices, and Azure Advisor recommendations.
Pricing by product

Explore pricing for Azure products

Azure Virtual Machines

Provision Windows and Linux VMs in seconds.

Azure Storage

Durable, highly available, and massively scalable cloud storage.

Azure SQL Database

Build apps that scale with a managed and intelligent SQL database in the cloud.

Azure App Service

Quickly create powerful cloud apps for web and mobile.

Azure AI services

Add cognitive capabilities to apps with APIs and AI services.

Azure Blob Storage

Massively scalable and secure object storage.

Azure Cosmos DB

Build or modernize scalable, high-performance apps.

Azure Functions

Execute event-driven serverless code functions with an end-to-end development experience.
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Estimate and budget

Estimate project costs on Azure 

Evaluate product and services costs with the Azure pricing calculator or compare the total cost of ownership (TCO) of on-premises infrastructure using the TCO calculator.
Price-match guarantee against AWS on comparable services.1

Pricing offers and benefits

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Azure reservations

Lower your Azure costs across predictable and variable workloads by reserving resources in advance.
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Azure savings plan for compute

Save up to 65% on select compute services with an easy and flexible savings plan.2
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Azure Hybrid Benefit

Realize cost savings by applying your existing Windows Server licenses, SQL Server licenses, or Linux subscription.

Manage and enhance your Azure investments

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Microsoft Cost Management

Manage your cloud spend by using Microsoft Copilot to access insights, accountability controls, and remediation opportunities. 
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Azure Advisor

Your free, personalized guide to Azure best practices.
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FinOps on Azure

Empower your organization to effectively manage investments and foster business growth.

Azure pricing and billing FAQ

  •  Azure product pricing is available on the Azure pricing page, in the Azure portal when you create a new resource, and through individual product pages. To estimate your costs, see the pricing calculator.
  • Azure Hybrid Benefit is a cost-saving benefit that lets you apply existing Windows Server and SQL Server licenses to save up to 85%3 compared to standard rates when combined with reservations savings and Extended Security Updates. It also applies to SQL on Azure, Azure Dedicated Host, and Linux subscriptions but you must have Software Assurance or a subscription to these products.
  • There are many different ways you can save on your Azure compute usage, ranging from Azure Hybrid Benefit to a one- or three-year Azure Reserved VM Instances or an Azure savings plan. Depending on your workloads, you may need to use Azure Reserved VM Instances, an Azure savings plan, or a combination of both. Read this blog article to learn how to decide which one to use for your workloads.
  • You may benefit from different Azure pricing options and offers depending on where you are in your cloud journey. To best select the pricing option that matches your needs and goals, read this blog article on how to choose the best Azure pricing option for your cloud journey.
  • Purchase Azure by using a credit card or opting to receive a monthly invoice. We don't accept prepaid or virtual credit cards. You are solely responsible for any credit card interest or other credit card charges. If you choose to pay by invoice (check or wire transfer), you can't switch to the credit card option. For more information, explore our purchasing options.
  •  Azure prices are in US dollars throughout the world, including Azure products and services, Azure support, and Azure reservations.
  • All non-Microsoft products and services can be priced in US dollars or local currency.
  • Azure is priced in US dollars (USD) worldwide under the Microsoft Customer Agreement. If you transact in one of the other supported currencies, your monthly cost is first calculated in USD. For payment, the total is then converted to the local currency.
  • The list of countries and their billing currencies is available in the Microsoft Customer Agreement FAQ.
  • As part of the new commerce experience, an Azure plan gives you access to Azure services at standard pay-as-you-go rates under your Microsoft Customer Agreement.
  •  We use London closing spot rates that are captured in the two business days prior to the last business day of the previous month. If the two business days prior to the end of the month fall on a bank holiday in major markets, the rate-setting day is generally the day immediately preceding the two business days. This rate applies to all transactions during the upcoming month and will be applied to all Azure purchases and all Azure consumption in that month.
  • If you're located in one of these regions, the usage associated with your signed Microsoft Customer Agreement(s) will have to be paid in US dollars. The local currency for each of these regions will no longer be supported by our payment system. Learn more at Microsoft Customer Agreement FAQ. For pricing details on your existing subscriptions you can log in to your account, view the pricing calculator, or view your current pricing by selecting your existing agreement details.
  • Visit Microsoft Q&A for more information. If you're an Azure customer and you'd like information about your billing account, please contact us.


Price match only available for newest-generation products in the same comparable geographic region only. Please note that not all services are included and there might be minor pricing variations.  Pricing adjustments in response to price drops by AWS might cause slight delays.

Customers may see savings estimated to be between 11 percent and 65 percent. The 65 percent savings is based on one M64dsv2 Azure VM for CentOS or Ubuntu Linux in the East US region running for 36 months at a pay-as-you-go rate of ~$4,868.37/month vs. a reduced rate for a 3-year savings plan of ~$1,703.44/month. Based on Azure pricing as of October 2022. Prices subject to change. Actual savings may vary based on location, instance type, or usage.

Savings based on sample of VMs across variety of regions including Dv4 in West Europe. Savings are calculated from full price (license included) for SQL Server Enterprise edition VM against reduced rate (applying Azure Hybrid Benefit for SQL Server and Windows Server), which excludes Software Assurance costs for SQL Server and Windows Server. Actual savings may vary based on region, instance size, compute family, and EA agreement. Prices as of January 2023, subject to change.