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Backup and disaster recovery

Back up your data and implement a disaster recovery strategy to avoid costly business interruption

How can Azure help protect critical data and applications?

Azure offers an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution that’s simple, secure, scalable, and cost-effective—and can be integrated with on-premises data protection solutions. In the case of service disruption or accidental deletion or corruption of data, recover your business services in a timely and orchestrated manner. The Azure backup and disaster recovery solution is simple to architect, cloud-native, highly available, and resilient.

Extend your current backup solution to Azure, or easily configure our application-aware replication and application-consistent backup that scales based on your business needs. The centralized management interface for Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery makes it simple to define policies to natively protect, monitor, and manage enterprise workloads across hybrid and cloud. These include Azure Virtual Machines, SQL and SAP databases, on-premises Windows servers, and VMware machines.

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Help safeguard your backup environment with built-in security for hybrid and cloud and compliance with wide-ranging security and privacy regulations. With Azure Site Recovery, configure VMs to fail over to the cloud or between cloud datacenters and help secure them with network security groups. Use Azure Backup to protect data from deletion and ransomware by isolating backup data from original data and through accidental delete protection and multifactor authentication.

Achieve low recovery-point objective (RPO) and recovery-time objective (RTO) targets for any mission-critical workload in your organization. Reduce the costs of deploying, monitoring, patching, and scaling on-premises disaster recovery infrastructure, without the need to manage backup resources or build a secondary datacenter. Azure provides a platform for a zero-infrastructure solution, with flexible policies to optimize backup storage.

Work with a preferred backup provider to strengthen your backup and disaster recovery strategy. Through native integration with Azure Blob storage and extending your existing solution through our partners, you can quickly back up and replicate your apps and data to Azure and store them cost-effectively in a storage tier of choice. This enables agile recovery of apps and data into Azure for disaster recovery and dev/test scenarios, without the need to learn new tools for configuration or management.

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Backup and disaster recovery you can trust

80% reduction

in average data recovery time1


5-year ROI1

97% reduction

reduced lost end-user productivity from data loss1

1 IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft Azure, The Business Value of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery and Backup, doc #US48616721, February 2022

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Discover how Azure Backup and Azure Site Recovery integrate to provide an end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solution.

Back up on-premises applications and data to the cloud

Protect your on-premises data assets using Azure Backup through a simple, secure, and cost-effective solution.

Enterprise-scale disaster recovery

Host servers in an on-premises datacenter and failover to Azure infrastructure to ensure a patched and supported, highly-available environment.

Small and midsize business disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery

Small and medium businesses can inexpensively implement disaster recovery to the cloud by using Azure Site Recovery or a partner solution.

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1 IDC Business Value White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft Azure, The Business Value of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery and Backup, doc #US48616721, February 2022

Trusted by companies of all sizes

"With the cloud, you don't need to stock up on components. You can just leverage the technology right away."

Daniel Breton, Infrastructure Manager
The Ottawa Hospital

"As we shift from our on-premises cloud to public cloud, we'll spend even less time operating that storage backup and compute infrastructure, and more time focusing on more important business needs."

Tom Voss, IT Operations Manager
San Diego State University

"We are able to spin up resources in a few hours instead of months, and we've reduced the operational costs of disaster recovery by almost 65 percent. We essentially avoided a half-million-dollar capital purchase"

Jeff Olson, IS Technical Director
Legacy Health

"It would have taken an on-premises customer as long to procure the technology for a disaster recovery solution as it did to complete our entire Azure Site Recovery implementation."

Chris Finn, Cloud Architect

"Azure allows us to deploy environments in a matter of hours, where before that, it took much, much longer as we had to order the hardware, set it up, and then configure. Now we no longer need to worry about the setup as well as hardware support, and warranties."

Quentin Drion, IT Director of Infrastructure and Operations
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

"Our first disaster recovery test in Azure, over two years ago now, was actually wildly successful. We did not expect the low RPO that we saw and were delighted."

Bryan Heymann, Head of Cloud Architecture

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Commvault supports all tiers of Azure Storage as an off-site backup and data management target and enables backup and recovery from on-premises to Azure and for Azure virtual machines (VMs). Quickly and easily restore applications, workloads, and data to Azure as a cost-effective disaster recovery site. Use Commvault Live Sync to achieve low RPOs.

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Rubrik offers built-for-Azure features like Smart Tiering easy backup to Azure, cost-effective data storage in the tier of choice, and intelligent instant recovery of data and apps to Azure in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack, or for dev/test scenarios. Rubrik enables backup and recovery from on-premises to Azure and for Azure VMs.

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Veeam Backup & Replication integrates with Azure to easily protect and recover on-premises VMs, physical servers, and endpoints into Azure. Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure leverages native Azure functionality and a built-in cost-calculator to provide integrated, simple, and cost-effective backup for Azure VMs.

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Veritas’ NetBackup and Backup Exec offer backup, disaster recovery and Azure migration services. NetBackup CloudCatalyst and CloudPoint enable backup and recovery of on-premises assets to Azure and protection of Azure VMs, respectively. NetBackup Resiliency enables integrated disaster recovery and Azure migration experiences, between Azure regions and Azure Stack.

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