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Build next-generation, AI-powered applications on Microsoft Azure 

By Corporate Vice President Data, AI, and Digital Application Product Marketing 

Welcome to Microsoft Build 2023—the event where we celebrate the developer community. This year, we’ll dive deep into the latest technologies across application development and AI that are enabling the next wave of innovation.

Transforming containerized applications with Azure Container Storage—now in preview 

By General Manager, Azure Storage

Today, we are excited to announce the preview of Azure Container Storage, the industry’s first platform-managed container native storage service in the public cloud, providing end to end storage management and orchestration for stateful applications to run efficiently at scale on Azure.

Published • 3 min read

Optimize performance and strengthen security with Policy Analytics for Azure Firewall 

By Senior Product Manager, Azure Networking

Network security policies are a critical component of modern IT environments, especially with the increasing adoption of cloud workloads. As workloads move to the cloud, network security policies like Azure Firewall policies evolve and adapt to the changing demands of the infrastructure. These policies can be updated multiple times a week, making it challenging for IT…

Microsoft Build 2023: Innovation through Microsoft commercial marketplace 

By Vice President Marketplace + ISV Journey

With Azure’s enterprise-grade security and built-in responsible AI, the rate of innovation is growing exponentially. As we look forward to Microsoft Build 2023, I am inspired by the innovation coming from our ISV partners and software as a service (SaaS) providers building on the Microsoft Cloud.

Published • 4 min read

Microsoft Azure security evolution: Embrace secure multitenancy, Confidential Compute, and Rust 

By Partner Software Architect, Azure Security

In this installment, we will introduce our game-changing bets that will enable us to deliver industry-leading security architectures with built-in security for years to come, ensuring a secure cloud experience for our customers.

Published • 6 min read

What’s new with Azure Files 

By Vice President of Product Management, Azure Storage

In this blog we will talk about how SAP ECS uses Azure Files NFS shares as part of their default deployment and we’ll also announce some of the big NFS feature we’ve been working over the past year including: new 99.99 percent SLA, snapshot support, and nconnect.