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From code to production: New ways Azure helps you build transformational AI experiences 

What was once a distant promise is now manifesting—and not only through the type of apps that are possible, but how you can build them. With Azure, we’re meeting you where you are today—and paving the way to where you’re going. So let’s jump right into some of what you’ll learn over the next few days. Welcome to Build 2024!

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Published • 4 min read

Improve cloud performance and reliability with a guided learning plan 

For cloud professionals looking to systematically upskill and validate their expertise, we’ve created a powerful learning resource called Plans on Microsoft Learn. These customized learning journeys provide a guided, structured approach to mastering specific technical domains and roles with specific learning objectives and milestones.

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Get the best value in your cloud journey with Azure pricing offers and resources 

This blog post will show you how to approach and think about pricing throughout your cloud adoption journey. We will also give an example of how a hypothetical digital media company would approach their Azure pricing needs as they transition from evaluating and planning to setting up and running their cloud solutions.

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Unlock new potential for your SAP workloads on Azure with these learning paths 

Together, SAP and Microsoft are not just providing tools and services but are also creating ecosystems that foster innovation and transformation, enabling businesses to stay competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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Published • 5 min read

Azure OpenAI Service: Transforming legal practices with generative AI solutions 

The integration of Microsoft Azure AI Services is assisting legal professionals in managing data, conducting reviews, and offering services. The impact of AI technologies on the legal industry will grow, driving greater efficiencies and yielding better outcomes for all stakeholders.

Lawyer in his office standing at his desk working on a Surface Laptop Go 3 (Laptop Go 2) showing Word and PowerPoint plugged into an external monitor

Azure Databricks: Differentiated synergy  

Databricks, a pioneer of the Data Lakehouse an integral component of their Data Intelligence Platform is available as a fully managed first party Data & AI solution on Microsoft Azure as Azure Databricks, making Azure the optimal cloud for running Databricks workloads. This blog post discusses the key advantages of Azure Databricks in detail.

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Announcing Advanced Container Networking Services for your Azure Kubernetes Service clusters 

Microsoft’s Azure Container Networking team is excited to announce a new offering called Advanced Container Networking Services. It’s a suite of services built on top of existing networking solutions for Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS) to address complex challenges around observability, security, and compliance.

Data center image with green background

Raise the bar on AI-powered app development with Azure Database for PostgreSQL 

By harnessing the might of PostgreSQL in the cloud—with all the scalability and convenience you expect—comes Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL. This fully managed service takes the hassle out of managing your PostgreSQL instances, allowing you to focus on what really matters: building amazing, AI-powered applications.

Microsoft Developers collaborating on their Windows Machines.

Published • 3 min read

Microsoft and Broadcom to support license portability for VMware Cloud Foundation on Azure VMware Solution 

Microsoft and Broadcom are expanding our partnership with plans to support VMware Cloud Foundation subscriptions on Azure VMware Solution. Customers that own or purchase licenses for VMware Cloud Foundation will be able to use those licenses on Azure VMware Solution, as well as their own datacenters, giving them flexibility to meet changing business needs.

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