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Visual Studio Code

A powerful, lightweight free code editor with integrated tools to easily deploy your code to Azure

One editor, from code to cloud

Spend more time coding and less time switching between tools. Use features and extensions that integrate with Azure and GitHub to develop, debug, and deploy all from one place.

Provides local emulators and extensions to build, run, and debug cloud apps directly from the editor

Imports and manages data for local or remote databases, with support for Azure Cosmos DB, MongoDB, and more

Has guided workflows for GitHub Actions and Azure Pipelines to create and configure continuous integration

Supports nearly every language and app type, including static web apps, serverless Azure Functions, and Kubernetes clusters

Develop cloud apps locally before you deploy

Create, run, and debug your cloud projects locally so you can prototype quickly. Optimize costs by testing whether new features run efficiently in the cloud before deploying. Azure extensions include emulators for Azure Storage, Azure Cosmos DB, and Azure Functions.

Develop cloud apps locally before you deploy
Set up automated deployments to the cloud

Set up automated deployments to the cloud

Use the Deploy to Azure extension to set up continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) from your apps to the cloud using GitHub Actions or Azure Pipelines. Easily create a CI/CD pipeline targeting Azure App Service, Azure Functions, or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) using the extension’s built-in automated workflows.

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Add and manage data

Easily manage your app’s data using the built-in MongoDB and IntelliSense support. Connect to your local or remote MongoDB servers and manage databases, collections, and documents, or host them in the cloud with the Azure Cosmos DB free tier.

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Add and manage data
Collaborate with ease

Collaborate with ease

You don't need to change how you work with others, whether they're teammates in the same room or developers around the world working on open source projects. Bring pull requests and issues from GitHub into the editor with the GitHub Pull Requests and Issues extension. Or collaborate on editing, debugging, and app sharing in real time for pair programming or code reviews with the Live Share Extension.

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Build, manage, and deploy containerized applications using the Docker extension. Generate Docker files from your existing repository and manage your containers, images, and registries from inside Visual Studio Code.


Enjoy a fully integrated Kubernetes experience with the Kubernetes extension. Deploy containerized applications to local or cloud-hosted Kubernetes clusters and debug your live applications in Visual Studio Code.

Front-end web development

Extend JavaScript debugging to front-end development using the Microsoft Edge DevTools extension for VS Code. Set breakpoints and step through front-end JavaScript code to resolve issues quickly. Debug front-end and back-end code simultaneously with the multitarget debugging capability.

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