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High-performance computing

Break free from the overhead and limitations of your on-premises infrastructure. Tap into unlimited resources to scale your high performance computing (HPC) jobs—analyzing large-scale data, running simulations and financial models, and experimenting while reducing time to market.

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Use a Cray supercomputer

Run your most demanding workloads on a Cray supercomputer—near the Azure services you’re already using. Add a dedicated Cray supercomputer to your virtual network in Azure and innovate faster, access advanced services, and consolidate your IT footprint.

Learn how to get a Cray in Azure

Scale on demand, stay on budget

When the amount of data you have to ingest and process grows, tap into cloud resources for elastic extension of compute capabilities. Scale cost-effectively with the high performance computing (HPC) capabilities of Azure.

Democratize access to achieve fast results

As scientific experiments drive an explosion in data growth, the need to share, process, and protect that data grows too. Bring collaborative, scalable, and secure access from anywhere, at any time, to all users.

Reduce time to market

Add flexible compute resources to deliver more granularity and improved results faster. Ultimately, you’ll finish more projects and get more done.

Disrupt the market with new products

Whether re-inventing classic lines of business apps, re-architecting proven scenarios, or taking data-driven into overdrive, you need fast and flexible architectures. Use Azure to build architectures that expand, adapt, and shrink with the demand of customers.

ANSYS CFD software enables engineers to perform multi-physics analysis.

"ANSYS and Microsoft Azure have been working closely on a proof of concept with a large customer to run ANSYS CFD workload on Azure"
Ray Milhem, Vice President of enterprise solutions at ANSYS

d3VIEW is hosted on Microsoft Azure, which provides thousands of virtual machines on demand.

"We look forward to using Azure to help customers use large-scale cloud computing for LS-DYNA® simulation-based product development."
Suri Bala, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Excellent performance of the STAR-CCM+ container eliminates the need to have all software in-house.

"Combination of Microsoft Azure with UberCloud’s HPC having ANSYS FLUENT provided a strong platform to develop accurate virtual simulation model that involved complex geometries."

Solution architectures

Big compute with Azure Batch

Azure Batch を使用した大規模なコンピューティング大規模なコンピューティングとハイ パフォーマンス コンピューティング (HPC) のワークロードは、通常、コンピューティング集中型で、並列実行でき、クラウドのスケールと柔軟性を活用します。こうしたワークロードは、多くの場合、バッチ処理を利用して非同期的に実行されます。また、操作の実行にはコンピューティング リソースが必要で、実行する操作を指定するにはジョブのスケジュール設定が必要です。大規模なコンピューティングと HPC のワークロードの例としては、財務リスクのモンテ カルロ シミュレーション、画像のレンダリング、メディア コード変換、ファイルの処理、エンジニアリング シミュレーション、科学シミュレーションが挙げられます。123456
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Big compute and high performance computing (HPC) workloads are normally compute intensive and can be run in parallel, taking advantage of the scale and flexibility of the cloud. The workloads are often run asynchronously using batch processing, with compute resources required to run the work and job scheduling required to specify the work. Examples of Big Compute and HPC workloads include financial risk Monte Carlo simulations, image rendering, media transcoding, file processing, and engineering or scientific simulations.

This solution implements a cloud-native application with Azure Batch, which provides compute resource allocation and management, application installation, resource auto-scaling, and job scheduling as a platform service. Batch also offers higher level workload accelerators specifically for running R in parallel, AI training, and rendering workloads.

This solution is built on the Azure managed services—Virtual Machines, Storage, and Batch. These services run in a high-availability environment, patched and supported, allowing you to focus on your solution.


  1. 1 Upload input files and the applications to your Azure Storage account.
  2. 2 Create a Batch pool of compute nodes, a job to run the workload on the pool, and the tasks in the job.
  3. 3 Batch downloads input files and applications.
  4. 4 Batch monitors task execution.
  5. 5 Batch uploads task output.
  6. 6 Download output files.

Hybrid HPC in Azure with HPC Pack

Azure 中的混合式 HPC (具備 HPC Pack)Microsoft HPC Pack 是以 Microsoft Azure 和 Windows Server 技術為基礎所建置的免費高效能運算 (HPC) 解決方案。HPC Pack 結合了豐富的一組部署、管理、作業排程及監視工具,為您的 Windows 與 Linux HPC 叢集環境,提供彈性的平台,進行內部部署及 Azure 中 HPC 應用程式的開發與執行。1234567
  1. Overview
  2. Flow


Microsoft HPC Pack is a free high performance computing (HPC) solution built on Microsoft Azure and Windows Server technologies. HPC Pack combines a comprehensive set of deployment, administration, job scheduling, and monitoring tools for your Windows and Linux HPC cluster environment, providing a flexible platform for developing and running HPC applications on premises and in Azure.

This solution shows the process for using HPC Pack to create a hybrid (on-premises and Azure) HPC environment.


  1. 1 Log into on-premises head node
  2. 2 Add Azure compute nodes to the cluster
  3. 3 Start the compute nodes
  4. 4 Submit jobs to the cluster
  5. 5 HPC Pack sends jobs to on-premises and Azure nodes based upon the node group selected
  6. 6 Monitor job progress
  7. 7 Stop the compute nodes or configure auto-scaling

Use the applications and middleware that you love

Find HPC applications from our trusted partners in the Azure Marketplace and around the web.

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