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Kadri Umay

Kadri Umay

Principal Program Manager

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Published • 10 min read

Microsoft and Accenture partner to tackle methane emissions with AI technology 

Microsoft’s focus on sustainability-related efforts forms the backdrop for the topic tackled in this blogpost: our partnership with Accenture on the application of AI technologies toward solving the challenging problem of methane emissions detection, quantification, and remediation in the oil and gas industry.

Published • 4 min read

RoQC and Microsoft simplify cloud migration with Microsoft Energy Data Services 

The vast amount of data in energy companies slows down their digital transformation. Together with RoQC solutions, Microsoft Energy Data Services will accelerate your journey in democratizing access to data by providing an easy to deploy managed service fully supported by Microsoft.

Published • 4 min read

EPAM and Microsoft partner on data governance solutions with Microsoft Energy Data Services 

Microsoft Energy Data Services is a data platform fully supported by Microsoft that enables efficient data management, standardization, liberation, and consumption in energy exploration. The solution is a hyperscale data ecosystem that leverages the capabilities of the OSDU Data Platform, Microsoft’s secure and trustworthy cloud services, and our partners’ extensive domain expertise.

Published • 2 min read

Cegal and Microsoft break down data silos and offer open collaboration with Microsoft Energy Data Services 

The vast amount of applications and data in energy companies across isolated environments is exposing inefficiencies in collaboration. Together with Cegal Cetegra, Microsoft Energy Data Services will accelerate your journey in seamless access all data and applications you need for your day-to-day work by providing an easy-to-deploy managed service fully supported by Microsoft.

Bluware and Microsoft Azure develop OSDU-enabled interactive AI seismic interpretation solution for energy super major 

Bluware, which develops cloud-native solutions to help oil and gas operators to increase exploration and production workflow productivity through deep learning by enabling geoscientists to deliver faster and smarter decisions about the subsurface and today announced its collaboration with Microsoft for its next-generation automated interpretation solution, InteractivAI™, which is built on the Azure implementation of the OSDU™ Data Platform.