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Oracle on Azure

Migrate Oracle workloads and innovate with Azure services. 

Introducing Oracle Database@Azure 

  • Combine the best of Microsoft and Oracle.
  • Get database services like Exadata Database Service and Autonomous Database with feature and pricing parity across OCI or Azure.
  • Apply Microsoft services like data analytics and generative AI to your Oracle data.
  • Monitor your apps and Oracle database service logs, metrics, and events in one view in Azure.
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Bring apps and data to the cloud

Co-locate Oracle data and related apps to optimize performance and get innovation-ready.

Oracle apps

Run Oracle apps such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards EnterpriseOne on Azure.

Packaged apps

Migrate apps with Oracle data to Azure with the option to modernize your database.

Custom apps

Modernize or create new apps using Azure application and data modernization services.

Built-in security and compliance  


 Supporting customers


Start planning

Find guidance and details to help you get started.
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Oracle workloads on Azure 

Explore how-to guides and resources to help you run, manage, and monitor Oracle workloads on Azure.
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Oracle licensing on Azure 

Identify Oracle software licensed for Azure infrastructure.
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Learning resources 

Access a curated collection of documentation, videos, and web pages.

Frequently asked questions

  • Oracle will build, deploy, and operate a set of Oracle Database Services in Azure that were previously available only on premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The initial offering includes Oracle Exadata Database Service and support for Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle GoldenGate, and Oracle Data Guard technologies.
  • Oracle will sell the new offering through Azure Marketplace. You can take advantage of existing Azure and Oracle licenses and commitments. Contact your Microsoft account team to learn more.
  • Find planning and implementation guidance as part of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure.
  • Azure offers a set of services for modernizing both apps and databases. You can use your favorite tools and frameworks for Java app development and deployment. Easily add services and capabilities, including managed Azure databases, to modernize or develop enterprise applications.
  • No. Customers benefit from feature and pricing parity across Oracle database services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and in Azure.
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