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Azure Quantum

Get to know the world's first full-stack, open cloud quantum computing ecosystem

Solving for a better future

Realize the full promise of quantum to solve some of society's largest, most complex challenges with Microsoft's advancements in next-generation quantum computing devices.

Azure Quantum takes a comprehensive approach to delivering all the technology needed to enable commercial impact by innovating in parallel at all layers of the computing stack, including controls, software, and development tools and services. Now, Microsoft has all the building blocks of a topological qubit—a new and unique qubit that will be faster, smaller, and more reliable than other qubits. In time, topological qubits will power Microsoft's fully scalable, highly secure, next-generation quantum computer. Read more about this scientific discovery.

Explore Microsoft quantum technology

The Azure Quantum service

Jump right in and explore a diverse selection of today's quantum hardware, software, and solutions from Microsoft and partners. Create and run quantum algorithms for multiple platforms at once using Azure Quantum's open development environment, and get the flexibility to tune algorithms for specific systems. Even choose from a variety of programming languages, including Cirq, Qiskit, and Q#. On Azure Quantum, it's easy to simultaneously explore today's quantum systems and be ready for the scaled quantum systems of the future.

For researchers

From breakthroughs in physics and nanomaterials to seamless integration with Azure and familiar developer tools, Microsoft is committed to making quantum computing opportunities a reality for researchers—empowering them to potentially solve some of the world's most complex scientific problems in just hours or days instead of the years it would take with classical computing.

Explore research resources and career opportunities

For businesses

Get access to some of the most diverse quantum resources available today—including optimization solvers and quantum hardware—with applications for a wide range of industries. There are two ways to start your quantum journey today:

  • Join the Azure Quantum Network by collaborating directly with Microsoft and start developing your quantum solution.
  • Join the Azure Quantum preview to get access to the latest quantum technologies and solutions from Microsoft and partners.

Explore analyst reports and white papers

For developers

Bring quantum apps to life with the quantum development kit for Azure Quantum. Build and run durable quantum applications using Cirq, Qiskit, or Q# to run on quantum hardware, or create solutions that execute optimization solvers using classical hardware on Azure.

Get the quantum development kit

For more information on getting started, watch the free Azure Quantum Developer Workshop series on demand:

Grow your quantum skills

Join the growing global community of experts, enthusiasts, and quantum computing companies by learning the fundamentals of quantum computing concepts, operations, and programming. Get started with a wide variety of learning resources for developers, researchers, and students, including free, self-paced Microsoft Learn courses and open-source GitHub katas.

Read the latest Azure Quantum research, news, and blogs

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Quantum researchers develop novel approach to problems of extreme environments

Learn about pioneering quantum hardware that allows for controlling up to thousands of qubits at cryogenic temperatures.

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Unlocking dramatic improvements to capacity management with Azure Quantum

Find out how the QIO solution has increased capacity, efficiency, and predictability to ensure customers get the high-quality service they expect from Azure Storage.

Announcing Azure Quantum Credit and new development capabilities

Read about the new Azure Quantum Credit program that provides up to $10,000 of credit to use on Azure Quantum partner hardware.

NASA's JPL uses Microsoft Azure Quantum to manage communication with space mission

Learn how NASA's JPL is taking a quantum-inspired approach to scheduling optimization.

Explore research careers with Microsoft

See job listings for Microsoft quantum computing research teams.

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