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Microsoft Quantum

Get to know the world's first full-stack, open cloud quantum computing ecosystem

Experience quantum impact—today

Quantum computing presents unprecedented possibilities to solve society's most complex challenges. Microsoft is committed to responsibly turning these possibilities into reality—for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Over decades of research and development, Microsoft has achieved advancements across every layer of the quantum stack—including software, applications, devices, and controls—and is delivering true impact today through quantum-inspired classical computing.

The Microsoft approach to quantum

Microsoft takes a comprehensive approach to delivering all the technology needed to enable commercial impact with quantum—encompassing everything from development to deployment. This approach innovates in parallel at all layers of the computing stack, including controls, software, and development tools and services. It also includes major ongoing focus to develop the topological qubit to help make scalable, stable quantum computing a reality.

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The Azure Quantum open cloud ecosystem

Find everything you need to accelerate your application development and quantum computing growth in a single place: including quantum software, hardware, and solutions from Microsoft and partners, as well as learning resources for developers, researchers, and students. Find pre-built optimization solvers that borrow from quantum principles running on classical resources, and write quantum algorithms designed to run on quantum hardware.

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For developers

Bring quantum apps to life with the quantum development kit for the Q# quantum programming language and Azure Quantum. In this open-source kit, you'll find tools to formulate and run optimization problems on large-scale or hardware-accelerated Azure compute resources, as well as for developing durable quantum applications for quantum hardware.

Get the quantum development kit

For more information on getting started watch the Azure Quantum Developer Workshop series on demand for free:

For businesses

Get access to some of the most diverse quantum resources available today—including optimization solvers and quantum hardware—with applications for a wide range of industries. There are two ways to start your quantum journey today:

  • Join the Microsoft Quantum Network by collaborating directly with Microsoft through the Enterprise Acceleration Program—and start developing your quantum solution.
  • Join the Azure Quantum public preview to get access to the latest quantum technologies and solutions from Microsoft and partners.

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For researchers

From breakthroughs in physics and nanomaterials to seamless integration with Azure and familiar developer tools, Microsoft is committed to making quantum computing opportunities a reality for researchers: empowering them to potentially solve some of the world's most complex scientific problems in just hours or days instead of the years it would take with classical computing.

Explore research resources and career opportunities

Grow your quantum skills

Join the growing global community of experts, enthusiasts, and quantum computing companies by learning the fundamentals of quantum computing concepts, operations, and Q# programming. Get started with a wide variety of learning resources for developers, researchers, and students, including free, self-paced Microsoft Learn courses and open-source GitHub katas.

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Read how companies and application partners are opening up new avenues of research using Azure Quantum and watch our Build 2021 session.

Explore research careers with Microsoft

Find job listings with the Microsoft quantum computing research teams.