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Azure Quantum

Accelerating scientific discovery.

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Accelerate the pace of science

Solving many of the world's hardest problems, such as climate change and food insecurity, requires scientific breakthroughs in chemistry and materials science. Advancements in this space will affect 96 percent of products and 100 percent of humanity. Azure Quantum applications are designed to help quantum chemists and other scientists rapidly scale and speed up research. Start building impactful quantum chemistry and materials science applications today.

Join a co-innovation community

It will take our collective knowledge to realize the full promise of quantum computing. The Azure Quantum cloud service brings together advanced tools and capabilities, skilling opportunities, and a diverse portfolio of today’s quantum hardware providers. Learn, experiment, and innovate with HPC and quantum computers in the cloud while preparing to tap into the Microsoft's quantum machine.

A quantum machine

Microsoft's scaled quantum machine

A quantum machine capable of solving many of the world's most intractable problems will require at least 1 million stable qubits that can perform 1 quintillion operations while making at most a single error. Microsoft is working to deliver quantum at scale by engineering a unique, stable qubit and bringing a full-stack, fault-tolerant quantum machine to Azure. Such a feat will result from numerous breakthroughs across the entire stack.

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