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Azure AI

Build intelligent apps at enterprise scale with the Azure AI portfolio.

Reimagine your business with generative AI

Accelerate AI innovation
Choose from the latest state-of-the-art and open-source models, integrate them with hybrid search, and train them with your data.
Simplify model operations
Streamline model management for your AI builders with support throughout every step of the AI workflow.
Build on trust
Use built-in tools and guidance to help ensure safe, secure, and responsible AI from the start.

Innovate with confidence

  • Use a single AI platform to build, evaluate, and deploy generative AI solutions and custom copilots.
  • Build cutting-edge, market-ready applications for your organization with the help of AI.
  • Deliver highly accurate responses with advanced retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) technology.
  • Gain a unique advantage by building, fine-tuning, and training custom AI models grounded on your own data.
  • Bring your most demanding workloads to the AI-optimized infrastructure that helps build and train some of the industry’s most advanced AI solutions.

Let’s do generative AI right, together

Turn limitless AI possibilities into practical impact with custom copilots and Azure AI.

See how customers are innovating with Azure AI

A woman in a denim jacket is using a tablet in a clothing store.

Get started today

Pay as you go or try Azure free for up to 30 days. There’s no upfront commitment—cancel anytime.

Bring AI to market fast

Get Azure Cosmos DB free for 90 days when you build with Azure AI.