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Turn your vision into impact

Meet challenges head on—and emerge stronger from them—by achieving efficiency and differentiating your business.

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Get the guidance and expertise you need to empower your organization to emerge even stronger from today’s challenges—by embracing technology with built-in security to achieve more efficiency, maximize the value of your cloud investments, and modernize your infrastructure. And discover how to use AI to rapidly and productively develop intelligent, differentiated apps and solutions.

Achieve efficiency

Increase efficiency when you securely migrate your infrastructure, apps, and data to Azure with Azure Migrate.

Maximize value

Optimize your cloud infrastructure by monitoring, allocating, and optimizing costs with Microsoft Cost Management.

Deliver innovative experiences

Stand out in the market by infusing intelligence into your cloud apps with Azure AI.

Securely migrate and modernize workloads

Up to

Up to


Lower costs—and get built-in security—when you run Windows Server and SQL Server workloads on Azure.1


Improvement in IT teams' efficiency by automating time-consuming cloud management tasks.2


Increase in speed of secure app development and time to market with fully managed cloud services.3

Achieve efficiency by securely migrating and modernizing

Optimize your cloud investments to maximize value

Innovate by embracing new technology—including AI

How Public Cloud Strategies Help Companies with Navigating Market Uncertainties: IDC white paper

Find out why 91 percent of finance and IT leaders are adopting the cloud as part of their strategy to navigate unfavorable market conditions—and how public cloud adoption saves them money, which they can reinvest in business innovations.

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Automate infrastructure

Effortlessly automate cloud and on-premises infrastructure

Optimize cloud investments

Monitor, allocate, and optimize cloud costs with transparency, accuracy, and efficiency

Make workloads sustainable

Learn to build sustainable cloud solutions that increase efficiency and reduce costs

Modernize to deliver innovation

Innovate, deploy, and operate Kubernetes seamlessly

Create innovative solutions

Build solutions to analyze images, comprehend speech, and make predictions using data

Accelerate time to value

Use an enterprise-grade service for the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle

Accelerate secure app development

Improve software development lifecycles with enterprise products from GitHub

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See how customers are turning their vision into impact with Azure


"I see cloud economics as our route of opportunity. We spend a lot of money in the cloud, so it's one of those things that has a huge impact. Our cloud cost optimization has already saved us 25 to 40 percent."

Kristina Moln-Page, Head of Finance, ASOS

NTT Ltd.

"Azure helps us consolidate through decommissioning applications and workloads by up to a third. In a central operating model, we no longer need decentralized support, helping us achieve an operational cost reduction of roughly 30 percent."

Pascal Weiss, Regional Chief Information Officer for Asia Pacific, NTT Ltd.
NTT Ltd.

H&R Block

"Accessing useful information quickly is critically important to providing a differentiated client experience, which is why we use Azure Cognitive Search."

Aditya Thadani, Vice President, H&R Block
H&R Block


"We had a scenario where we needed to boost compute by 10 times for just a weekend. Using Azure, we dynamically scaled up and back down with zero business interruption. It was seamless."

Marcel Malan, Head of Group IT Operations and General Manager, AIA


"Using and investing in Microsoft Azure tools to automate some of our infrastructure and processes, we managed to cut our time to market in half and reduced our operational overhead by at least 40 percent."

Michael Mirel, Head of Cloud and DevOps Center of Excellence, Sapiens


"With the help of Azure OpenAI Service, we're disrupting our industry for a second time by delivering cutting-edge digital tools and capabilities and becoming a true omnichannel retailer."

Shamim Mohammad, Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer, CarMax

Get expert help with migration and modernization

Move forward confidently with a proven approach, expert help, and cost-effective offers.

Create innovative AI solutions

Drive business results and improve customer experiences with AI.

Optimize costs

Manage and optimize your Azure costs with tools, guidance, and savings plans.

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