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Azure Maps

Simple and secure location APIs provide geospatial context to data

Add maps, search, routing, and traffic capabilities to your apps with geospatial services APIs that integrate seamlessly with other Azure tools and services.

Build location-aware applications in Azure


Create apps that provide details about a point of interest (POI), including contact information, hours of operation, a location pinpointed on a map, and directions to its address. Search for businesses by name, category, or what’s closest to you.


Develop mobility solutions that improve travel time and avoid gridlock. You get multiple alternate routes around traffic jams, insight into the length of the backup and the time it takes to get through it, and faster travel during rush hour.


Integrate clear, easy-to-read maps into your solutions with the JavaScript Map Control APIs or the Render API. The maps update dynamically—your customers get constantly refreshed information.


Give your solutions the ability to navigate the shortest or fastest routes available—to multiple destinations at a time—or provide specialized routes and facts for walkers, bicyclists, and commercial vehicles. Utilize sophisticated capabilities such as isochrones, matrix routing and batch routing for optimal route calculations.


Make apps that turn latitude and longitude coordinates into street addresses—and switch street addresses to map coordinates. Use this data to ensure customers, goods, and drivers get to destinations on time.

Time zones

See what time it is anywhere in the world. Select a location to find the time zone, its offset to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and daylight saving time updates.

IP to Location Preview

Lookup the country of an IP address. Customize content and services based on user location and gain insight on customer geographic distribution.

Advanced Functionality Preview

Deploy large-scale enterprise solutions and mission-critical applications with batch services and advanced geospatial analytics.

See it in action


We were unable to find the address you provided, please try another one

Address field is empty, please enter an address


Please set the time to be a future date

Truck parameters:

Search for a point of interest:

We were unable to find the address you provided, please try another one

Address field is empty, please enter an address

Limit by travel time:

Mode of transportation:

Truck parameters:


Travel time:

Travel distance:

Couldn't find a route with the selected configuration. Please adjust the address or time and try again.

No results found, please enter another address or choose another point of interest.

Azure Maps is not available in your region, please visit our region availability page to learn more.

There was an error processing your request, please try again in about a minute.

Give context to your data for increased productivity

When you develop location-aware IoT and mobility solutions, you add geographic context to your data—everything from routing, tracking, and POI details to the latitude and longitude coordinates of a street address. Geospatial information supplies your customers with productive insights, such as alerting them to steer clear of traffic accidents for more on-time deliveries. Truck drivers get specialized routing results that account for weight, height, and hazardous materials restrictions.

Refresh your apps and devices with dynamic information

Your traffic data will be some of the most accurate available. The unique data structure of Azure Maps means your maps update fast—route and traffic flow details automatically update based on what’s happening in the moment—in countries all over the world.

Track more than geographic coordinates

Create apps, solutions, and IoT devices that gather and respond to data that’s specific to your customers’ needs. For example, fleet managers in taxi or delivery companies can bring IoT and search capabilities together to direct GPS-enabled, connected vehicles to specific POIs using the business search feature. Customers have a better experience, and packages and people reach their destinations more quickly.

Use Azure Maps with familiar tools and services

Build your location-aware solutions in an environment designed to give you a seamless development experience. JavaScript Map Control APIs make it simple to incorporate mapping capabilities into your apps. Use scripting for fetching vector tiles or the Render API for rendering raster map images. Easily integrate other tools into your location-aware applications, such as Power BI, SQL Database, and Stream Analytics. And, take advantage of the security and scale of Azure—deploy your apps whenever and wherever you want.

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