Azure Policy

Active control and governance at scale for your Azure resources

Azure Policy for AKS is now in limited preview, giving you the ability to apply enforcements and safeguards at-scale for AKS clusters in a centralized, consistent manner.

Product Features

  • Govern your Azure resources with simplicity
  • Apply management and security at scale
  • Enforce policies and audit compliance
  • Monitor compliance continuously
  • Build custom policies with flexibility
  • Apply built-in policies from Microsoft and community

Proactively enforce policies on your resources

Apply deny policies, which let you set guardrails in your cloud environments so they’re fully compliant.

Apply policies in the CI/CD pipeline

Take advantage of the native integration with Azure DevOps to surface policy violations pre-deployment and policy compliance assessments in the cloud post-deployment.

Automate remediation

Ensure that best practices are followed and maintain peace of mind by using the auto-remediation capabilities embedded in the platform.

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