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Azure AI Video Indexer

Easily extract meaningful insights from audio and video files using media AI.

Extract meaningful insights from video and audio files in both Cloud and Edge

Azure AI Video Indexer is a cloud and edge video analytics service that uses AI to extract actionable insights from stored videos. Enhance ad insertion, digital asset management, and media libraries by analyzing audio and video content—no machine learning expertise necessary.

Multichannel pipeline orchestrates visual and auditory cues and incorporates insights into a shared timeline

Run video AI indexing anywhere using Video Indexer enabled by Arc, without the need to upload your files to the cloud

Easy to evaluate and integrate, and available via web portal, web widget, and REST API

Intuitive customization to train and fine-tune selected AI models, improve content accuracy, and configure your account

Improve content discoverability and performance

Enhance your search experiences by using video indexing within the metadata to automatically extract data from your content. Multichannel analysis provides information to perform a more effective search across your media archive and within each file. Search by person, project, visual text, spoken word, entity, topic, and more.

A Windows Holographic Technical Session video being watched in Azure AI Video Indexer
Closed captions being added to a video

Enhance user engagement

Apply the extracted metadata to improve the user experience. Use speech transcription and translation to easily add closed captioning in multiple languages. Fine-tune recommendation algorithms based on objects and people that appear in a video, and automatically create clips from sections featuring a particular person. Reuse the AI Video Indexer widgets or open your own applications without building the underlying infrastructure.

Generate fresh content in minutes

Create new media from existing content by using the media AI-based video editor. Find the right media content in your library, locate the pieces you want to use, and stitch them together into a new video. When you're happy with the result, render and download the video and use it in your own editing applications or downstream workflow.

A piece of content being rendered out from a longer video

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

A security center overview in Azure showing policy and compliance data and resource security hygiene
The security center compute and apps tab in Azure showing a list of recommendations

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Frequently asked questions about Azure AI Video Indexer

  • See SLA details.

  • Azure AI Video Indexer supports most common media formats. See standard encoder formats.

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