Hybrid cloud applications

Boost productivity by building and deploying applications in the same way for cloud and on-premises environments with Azure and Azure Stack.

Simplify app development across on-premises and Azure

Bring the agility and fast-paced innovation of cloud computing to on-premises environments with Azure and Azure Stack. Get more flexibility and control by building modern applications across hybrid cloud environments using a consistent set of skills, services, tools, and process.

Create greater efficiency

Use a consistent set of Azure services and DevOps processes and tools while easily transferring existing skills through a consistent development and deployment experience with both Visual Studio and open source tools.

Get continuous innovation

Take advantage of continuous Azure innovation brought to Azure Stack through updates to existing services as well as new Azure services and additional Azure Marketplace applications.

Deploy your way

Deploy to the location that works best for you—on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Make decisions based on your specific business, technical, and regulatory requirements instead of technical complications or limitations.

Bring Azure services on-premises

Adopt a hybrid cloud environment on your terms with Azure Stack. Use infrastructure as a service (IaaS) capabilities from Azure to go beyond traditional virtualization and build innovative new apps. Take advantage of consistent Azure platform as a service (PaaS) capabilities that simplify development and enable hybrid deployment choice and portability. Bring together Azure IaaS and PaaS services using the same management tools as Azure, including Azure Active Directory to administer Azure Stack identities.

Build apps faster

Speed up hybrid app development while building for the future. Quickly build apps using application components from the Azure Marketplace—including open source tools and technologies you already know—ensuring your apps not only integrate with today’s Azure services, but with services yet to come.

Solution architectures

Hybrid connectivity with Azure Stack

Conectividad híbrida con Azure StackAzure Stack le permite implementar servicios de Azure en local o en la nube con una lógica de aplicación, un paradigma de desarrollo y una metodología de operaciones coherentes. Las aplicaciones en la nube híbrida son un único sistema que tiene componentes que se ejecutan tanto en Azure como en Azure Stack. Este plan de solución es relevante para establecer la conectividad para cualquier aplicación que implique comunicaciones entre la nube pública de Azure y los componentes locales de Azure Stack. La conectividad híbrida es un plan básico que se aplicará a la mayoría de las soluciones de Azure Stack. Nota: Esto no se aplica a las implementaciones de Azure Stack que están desconectadas de Internet pública.4321321
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Azure Stack enables you to deploy Azure services on-premises or in the cloud with a consistent application logic, development paradigm, and operations methodology.

Hybrid cloud applications are a single system that has components running in both Azure and Azure Stack. This solution blueprint is relevant to establishing connectivity for any application that involves communications between the Azure public cloud and on-premises Azure Stack components. Hybrid connectivity is a foundational blueprint that will be applicable to most Azure Stack solutions.

Note: This doesn't apply to Azure Stack deployments that are disconnected from the public internet.


  1. 1 Deploy a virtual network in Azure and Azure Stack.
  2. 2 Deploy a virtual network gateway in Azure and Azure Stack.
  3. 3 Deploy virtual machines in each virtual network.
  4. 4 Establish a VPN connection over the public internet between the network gateways.

Hybrid CI/CD with Azure Stack

Hybrydowa ciągła integracja/ciągłe wdrażanie za pomocą usługi Azure StackZaimplementowanie podejścia ciągłej integracji/ciągłego opracowywania do wdrażania aplikacji staje się trudne, gdy aplikacje lokalne są tworzone i działają inaczej niż aplikacje w chmurze. Dysponowanie spójnym zestawem procesów i narzędzi programistycznych w środowiskach chmury publicznej platformy Azure oraz lokalnych środowiskach usługi Azure Stack znacznie ułatwia organizacjom implementowanie ciągłej integracji/ciągłego opracowywania. Aplikacje i usługi wdrożone w odpowiedni sposób na platformie Azure i w usłudze Azure Stack są praktycznie wymienne i mogą działać w obu lokalizacjach.123455
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Implementing a continuous integration/continuous development (CI/CD) approach to deploying applications becomes difficult when on-premises applications are built and operated in different ways than cloud applications. Having a consistent set of development tools and processes across the Azure public cloud and on-premises Azure Stack environments makes it far easier for organizations to implement a practice of CI/CD. Apps and services deployed the right way in Azure and Azure Stack are essentially interchangeable and can run in either location.


  1. 1 Engineer makes changes to application code and ARM template.
  2. 2 Code and ARM template are checked into Visual Studio Team Services Git.
  3. 3 Continuous integration triggers application build and unit tests.
  4. 4 Continuous deployment trigger orchestrates deployment of application artifacts with environment-specific parameters.
  5. 5 Deployment to App Service on both Azure and Azure Stack.

Hybrid identity with Azure Stack

Hybrydowa obsługa tożsamości za pomocą usługi Azure StackKonieczność pozostawienia składników aplikacji w środowisku lokalnym nie musi stanowić bariery dla wdrażania technologii chmurowych. Dzięki usłudze Azure Stack składniki aplikacji mogą znajdować się w środowisku lokalnym i jednocześnie wchodzić w interakcje ze składnikami działającymi w chmurze publicznej platformy Azure. Ten plan umożliwia zespołom zarządzanie tożsamością zarówno użytkowników, jak i aplikacji w sposób spójny dla wszystkich chmur.12334556
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The need to keep application components on-premises doesn't have to be a barrier to adopting cloud technologies. With Azure Stack, app components can reside on-premises while interacting with components running in Azure public cloud. This blueprint enables teams to manage identity for users as well as applications in a way that is consistent across clouds.


  1. 1 Set up an Azure Active Directory tenant.
  2. 2 Create users.
  3. 3 Deploy, manage, and operate application resources on Azure and Azure Stack.
  4. 4 Create service principles.
  5. 5 Deploy with service principles.
  6. 6 Application resources can communicate over network.

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