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Dev-test starts with you

Say goodbye to high costs and procurement delays in your physical environments …
say hello to a scalable, on-demand infrastructure that enables you to quickly create
consistent development and test environments on your terms

Dev-test environments in minutes, not weeks

Simplify and speed the process of running a dev-test environment. With Azure, you can provision virtual machines in minutes, instead of days or weeks. And unlike other cloud providers you only pay by the minute in Azure. Spin up as many virtual machines as you need, network them, and allocate to your developers. Manage your environment with agility, whether you support self-provisioning by your developers, or maintain centralized control.

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Devtest environment provisions in minutes, not weeks
Devtest scaling

Realistic scale for test environments

Replicate real-world usage scenarios in your test environment—and test at production scale to catch and fix problems before you release. If your production environment is also running on Azure, you can create an exact clone and gain a precise view into how your application will behave in the real world.

High fidelity dev-test environments

Take full advantage of your existing investments. Because Azure is built on battle-tested Hyper-V virtualization technology, your existing on-premises virtual machines on Hyper-V run on Azure with no change, resulting in higher fidelity between dev-test and production environments. Once applications are built and tested in Azure, you can choose to easily deploy them on-premises.

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High fidelity dev-test environments
Test automation without waste

Minimize waste, maximize control

In Azure you have visibility and tight control on usage of computing resources. With access to real time utilization data you can eliminate wastage, such as virtual machine sprawl, and implement chargebacks to internal customers. The advanced automation helps reduce errors, unified management balances access and control, and enterprise-ready governance capabilities enable you to set limits and control costs.

Flexible and familiar dev-test tools

Azure lets you take full advantage of existing applications, skills and expertise by providing broad support for both Microsoft and open-source applications and operating systems, including SQL, SharePoint, SAP, Linux, and more. You can test a wide range of enterprise applications on Azure Virtual Machines. Azure’s pay-as-you-go model means you won’t need to procure additional application licenses for your developers to build and test code. You can also use familiar tools like System Center or PowerShell scripting for easy provisioning, deployment, and management of your dev-test environments.

Dev-test automation

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