CarMax brings the in-store experience to the cloud for its 16 million visitors

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Jellyfish Pictures brings blockbusters to life with the power of Microsoft Azure

Jellyfish Pictures

Jellyfish Pictures is a London-based visual effects and animation business that has worked on numerous blockbuster movie projects. For them, technology is a critical tool when enabling artists to release their creativity. In order to achieve this, they selected Microsoft Azure to deliver the raw computing power required for high-speed, high-quality video rendering.  Jeremy Smith, CTO of Jellyfish Pictures explains, “Now we’re using the cloud, we can simply spin up tens of thousand…
Hungarian home improvement retail leader uses machine learning to spur online sales


Praktiker has been a growing name in the Hungarian home and garden do-it-yourself (DIY) retail market for nearly 20 years – but until 2014, online sales were just a small part of its overall sales mix. That has completely changed in the last 18 months, thanks to a renewed focus on its online activities and a helpful partnership with a local Microsoft partner that has added intelligent search functionality to its new web store. The results speak for themselves: a 31% drop in failed product searches – and a 19% uplift in average customer purchases per visit!
Seattle Seahawks play to win with smart data and intelligent insights

Seattle Seahawks

Years ago, a torn ACL and meniscus would have been a death knell for any athlete’s career. For Seattle Seahawks cornerback DeShawn Shead, modern sports science has provided him with a path to recovery.…
The digital transformation recipe behind fun, family and pizza perfection at Shakey’s

Shakey's Pizza

How the country’s favorite pizza chain innovates digitally for enhancing guest experience.
Smart Factories introduces tomorrow's innovators to Industry 4.0

Smart Factories

The project Smart Factories is a collaboration between higher education and industry to raise awareness of the industrial digitalization, and it’s need of the right competence.
Lyceum of the Philippines University powers education with Microsoft

Lyceum of the Philippines University

Lyceum of the Philippines University upgraded its educational system for more than 1000 faculty members and staff throughout its 5 LPU campuses.
The World Class Shopping Experience Goes Digital

Duty Free Philippines

Duty Free Philippines Corporation’s more secure and integrated website runs on Microsoft Azure
Outcome-based healthcare: provider uses cloud-based population health management to expand new care model


AiR Healthcare Solutions (AiR Healthcare) wanted to shift treatment for people with behavioral health disorders from acute crisis care to a value-based model that promotes sustained communication and accountability for outcomes. So it launched the AiRCare disease management service, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure. Now AiR Healthcare delivers personalized care and clinical insights at a scale that will make a significant impact on behavioral healthcare, while it helps patients and providers avoid crises and improve outcomes.
Cloud born: financial startup uses Azure to compete, innovate, and scale

Metori Capital Management

Paris-based Metori Capital Management relies on its own proprietary algorithms to manage assets worth more than €350 million in the Epsilon fund. Metori needed to build an enterprise platform that could support its ambitious growth goals and deliver high value to investors, so it chose Microsoft Azure to host its Epsilon management service. Now, Metori has the enterprise capabilities it needs at less cost, and a shared data environment that helps it deliver seamless service and high value.

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