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Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
in global marketing campaign

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IT partner uses cloud-migration service to increase revenue, deliver more value


After helping hundreds of customers move to the Microsoft cloud, Wortell learned that it wanted to spend less time performing low-level migration activities and more time selling higher-value services and helping customers achieve more business value. When it began using Microsoft FastTrack Services to help customers plan and perform successful Office 365 migrations, Wortell reduced its costs, deepened its relationships, and traded lower-value tasks for the opportunity to upsell services worth more than twice as much.
Crowdsourcing weather for better forecasting

Met Office

The UK’s national weather service has come a long way from its beginnings in 1854, when it began as a small network of coastal stations that provided visual gale warnings for ships at sea. Today, the Met Office is an essential part of a vast global weather business, making meteorological predictions across all timescales from weather forecasts to climate change with the goal of increasing the world’s understanding of the atmosphere and climate systems.
Digital advertising company gets answers from terabytes of data with Microsoft Azure platform


Making more sales requires building an emotional connection with consumers. That marketing tenet is as true today as it was decades ago. However, finding ways to reach a receptive user and establish such a connection has become a bit more complicated. It’s no longer just about developing a compelling message and targeting a user.
Increasing responsiveness with agile development tools

Iberia Express

The low-cost airline industry is a competitive one in which travelers compare carriers via third-party pricing engines and book their tickets online. Customers expect a friendly web experience that gets them where they want to go quickly and, above all, a good deal. To expand their customer base and create loyalty, airlines must work hard to establish strong links with their passengers. Their best bet, they are finding, is their website.
The cloud gives this renewables developer a glimpse into the future—and that’s a competitive advantage

juwi AG, juwi O&M

For juwi, a major developer of renewable energy projects worldwide, knowing the current status of its wind facilities is no longer enough. It needs to know their future status, too. And with Resolto Prognos on Microsoft Azure, it does. juwi uses the Prognos predictive analytics solution to identify major plant failures before they occur, so it can buy parts and schedule and implement maintenance at lower cost—and improve uptime at the same time. The result can reduce costs dramatically for customers.
Risk management firm reinvents workplace with cloud tools to compete in a digital world


Assurant, a global provider of risk management solutions, needed to adapt to increasingly digital insurance and risk management markets and customer expectations for near real-time service. It uses Microsoft Office 365 for a more agile and connected work environment, anchored by an intranet that enables global collaboration. Claims representatives expedite claims processing by sharing data from the field and improve customer service through automated business processes and instant access to colleagues’ expertise.
Global automotive company optimizes operations with Microsoft-technology


A comprehensive Microsoft-centric IT-strategy is helping Tajco boost performance and maintain rapid growth in the highly competitive global automotive business. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, the company expects to increase transparency and improve the facilitation of a vast number of processes across the entire Group – and with Microsoft Azure, it is able to seamlessly scale and thereby secure the flexibility to accommodate growth, development and swift adaption to the changing needs and volatile conditions in the
Innovative Utility Deploys Smart Streetlights as Digital Service Stations for the City of the Future


German utility EnBW lights up city streets with enhanced street lamps that incorporate digital service stations where sensors collect environmental data, drivers can charge their electric vehicles, Internet users can connect, and individuals can contact emergency dispatchers. The Microsoft Azure cloud facilitates the necessary data management and analytics, and Microsoft Services helps EnBW bring further innovation to smart streetlights and profit from it.
Startup uses intelligence in Bing APIs to create unique consumer experience


App developer WildWorld provides a unique online social-shopping community where people who are passionate about outdoor recreation (and gear) connect through shared experiences. People browse photos, identify and locate the products they see, and purchase them online at the best prices. The company switched from the Google Custom Search Engine to Bing APIs provided by Microsoft Cognitive Services to gain scalability, offer consumers far more comprehensive results, and accelerate its entrance into new vertical markets.
World’s No. 1 Arabic e-book publisher builds for further growth with Microsoft


How did a small, Jordan-headquartered, mobile app publisher shoot up to over a million downloads in just 18 months? By offering its users a distinctly superior experience in reading great looking, digital, Arabic language, e-books. The company’s IT leader confirms that the key to this rich experience and customer value is the firm’s back-end use of Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure as a service.

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