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Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
in global marketing campaign

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With Azure,SnelStart has rapidly expanded its business services at a rate of 1,000 new Azure SQL Databases per month


SnelStart makes popular financial- and business-management software for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the Netherlands. Its 55,000 customers are serviced by a staff of 110 employees, including an IT staff of 35. By moving from desktop software to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering built on Azure, SnelStart made the most of built-in services, automating management using familiar environment in C#, and optimizing performance and scalability by neither over- or under-provisioning businesses using elastic database pools. Using Azure provides SnelStart the fluidity of moving customers between on-premises and the cloud.
Azure gives GEP global reach and greater efficiency


GEP delivers software and services that enable procurement leaders around the world to maximize their impact on their businesses’ operations, strategies, and financial performances. In addition to consulting and managed services, the company offers SMART by GEP®, a cloud-based, comprehensive procurement-software platform. However, GEP ran into limitations trying to support solutions like SMART by GEP with its own on-premises datacenters: the investments needed were steep and regulatory requirements in other countries would have made the necessary investments more daunting still. By moving to the cloud, GEP has freed up IT resources, allowing it to worry less about IT operations and to focus more on developing new sources of value for its customers across the globe.
Umbraco uses Azure SQL Database to quickly provision and scale services for thousands of tenants in the cloud


Umbraco is a popular open-source content-management system (CMS) that can run anything from small campaign or brochure sites to complex applications for Fortune 500 companies and global media websites.
Land O' Lakes: Cultivating connections and greater efficiency using data, from farm to table

Land O’Lakes

Arden Hills, Minnesota–based Land O’Lakes, Inc. offers extensive agricultural services and works hard to support growth to help feed the world’s rising population. To help employees work more closely with farmers, customers, and colleagues, the company adopted Microsoft Office 365, the Enterprise Mobility Suite, and Surface Pro devices. It is also exploring the comprehensive Office 365 E5 suite to support employees, whether they’re visiting a co-op member’s dairy farm or analyzing crops in a field.
Inspiring Client Confidence Through the Service, Security and Streamlining Capabilities of the Microsoft Cloud

Dyrand Systems

Ed Anderson, Managing Director at Dyrand Systems, explains how leveraging Microsoft’s Canadian datacentres along with integrating Azure and The Microsoft Cloud has helped their client’s lower costs, streamline process and solve business challenges.
Why Infosys went with Microsoft Dynamics

Infosys Limited

A strategy to cohere relations with customers while minimizing cost and enhancing productivity and profitability in business is of unparalleled importance. Adapting to this concept defines a business' success. With decades of experience in IT world, Infosys was aware of the importance of customer relationship management. The company had developed a customer relationship management solution that would provide an atomistic real time vision of customer information. As it ran for many years, the complexity of their sales process snowballed, demanding the company to bring the home grown solution up to code. Let us see what happened next.
Rapidly-growing UK restaurant chain migrates key business processes to Microsoft Dynamics 365

TGI Fridays UK Ltd

TGI Friday's popular and rapidly-growing restaurant franchise in the UK wanted a more scalable, flexible platform for core business processes. To support its ambitious growth, the franchise is consolidating business operations starting with financial management on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Built-in functionality and ease-of-use mean that TGI Friday's can continue to onboard more business processes while expanding its franchise. Benefits include lower costs, easier access to data, and better insight.
Weathering the storm: Big data and cloud technologies safeguard lives and businesses worldwide


Global weather company AccuWeather is using a technology platform including Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to gain real-time intelligence into weather and business patterns. Handling 17 billion requests for data each day, AccuWeather is helping 1.5 billion people safeguard and improve their lives and businesses.
Global Weather Leader Uses the Microsoft Cloud for Lifesaving Forecasts Worldwide


AccuWeather, which handles billions of forecast requests daily, needed a more scalable platform to expand services. By migrating to the Microsoft cloud, including Azure and Dynamics CRM, the company easily handled a jump from 4 billion to more than 12 billion data requests per day, can continue to grow and innovate without increasing infrastructure costs, and, most importantly, is bringing real-time, lifesaving information to people worldwide.
Online store boosts conversion rate with quick-deploy recommendations technology  


The great thing about online shopping is the huge number of products to see. The bad thing about online shopping is the huge number of products to see. DutchCrafters, an online furniture store, incorporated the Recommendations API, one of the Microsoft Cognitive Services, into its website to help customers winnow through thousands of choices and find their dream furniture faster. With just a few days’ work, DutchCrafters added the API to its code and boosted the company’s conversion rate through smart product recommendations.  

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