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Software maker dazzles customers with extremely fast demos in the cloud


OpenText makes sophisticated information management systems that require equally sophisticated demonstrations to sell. To simplify and speed the ability of OpenText and partner salespeople to set up demo environments and to deliver the best possible demos, OpenText built a powerful new tool in Microsoft Azure. With this tool, hosted using the SAP HANA in Azure service, OpenText can better wow customers with real-life looks at how its products can solve their problems. And it can do so cost-effectively, using a pay-as-you-go, resource-usage model. OpenText continues to expand and refine its demo environment, which is easy to do in the cloud.
School district develops hybrid cloud solution to cut costs, simplify backup

Lake Washington School District

Like many school districts, Lake Washington School District (LWSD), which serves several Seattle, Washington, area suburbs, wants to deploy technology that supports innovative teaching and lower costs. To accomplish both goals, it’s moving into the Microsoft cloud, storing data in Azure StorSimple to relieve the IT staff of tape backup work, and embracing Microsoft Azure infrastructure services to reduce the cost of innovation. By using Azure, LWSD can respond to fast-changing education trends and focus on educating kids rather than deploying servers.
Blockchain technology firm uses advanced analytics to maximize benefits and minimize Bitcoin risks


Scorechain offers customized business intelligence and big-data solutions to help companies take better advantage of blockchain technologies. The company’s solutions include risk analysis and metrics to manage, monitor, and provide confidence in Bitcoin transactions and portfolios.
This ISV found a cost-effective way to embed reporting across the many targets for its SaaS offering. You can, too.


The executives at Aluvii wanted to be first in what they saw as the unserved market for comprehensive marketing, sales, and administrative software for amusement and entertainment companies. Among other innovations, this called for a reporting solution they could embed into a variety of operating systems, platforms, applications, and devices. The solution is Microsoft Power BI Embedded. Aluvii uses it as the reporting and intelligence module of its game-changing software as a service (SaaS) that’s targeted squarely at the midmarket, helps to secure multitenant data, and works easily and seamlessly with the Microsoft technology that Aluvii developers are already familiar with.
CEE software leader achieves CRM breakthrough

DAN electronic

Privately-owned Bulgarian software company DAN electronic was established in 1991. Its team comprises experts in a range of IT, economic and business disciplines. In its early years, the firm concentrated on database programming, graphical, office and management systems, expanding to communication and global information systems. However, in 1996, it started to develop InfoServ – a communication technology for call center and contact center development. It now solely develops and markets products, based on the InfoServ technology.
Public Cloud Powers Business Transformation at Healthcare Major

Fortis Healthcare Limited

Fortis Healthcare incorporated the latest IT infrastructure to ensure that they are providing their patients with a uniform experience. Microsoft Azure’s was instrumental in enabling Fortis in doing the same. But, it was just the beginning. What Fortis and Microsoft are together developing for the future, forms the crux of this journey. Let’s take a look.
UST Global Case Study

UST Global

UST Global, at a crucial point in their business, realized the need for a business intelligence platform, to address their very dynamic business environment needs. Evaluation of a few leading BI platforms revealed that those are either costly or lack critical functionalities as needed. After detailed analysis, the BI platform from Microsoft was selected. Let us understand what made Microsoft’s Business Intelligence platform and tools the right fit for UST Global.
Leading Thai hospital moves toward digital healthcare with business intelligence

Praram 9 Hospital

Praram 9 Hospital’s key missions are to use digital technology to optimize clinical effectiveness, improve access to patient care, and provide the support in need for hospital staff to deliver quality healthcare. To realize its goals, the Hospital adopted Microsoft’s Business Intelligence solutions, enabling analysts to gain actionable insights. With easy-to-understand analytics reports, mobile capabilities, and real-time access to operational reports — the Hospital is able to quickly evaluate hospital performance, improve resource management, and make better decisions that enable it to accommodate more patients.
Stone products producer improves sales productivity and effectiveness with CRM

Luck Stone

Virginia-based Luck Stone is one of the largest providers of crushed stone, sand, and gravel in the US. After restructuring its sales strategy around a customer-centric model, Luck Stone deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 to give its sales team the tools they needed to succeed. Deploying Dynamics 365 kicked off a transformation that improved data capture and increased field sales effectiveness, sales management productivity, and dispatch order management productivity. Luck Stone further improved sales effectiveness by linking Dynamics 365 to Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Power BI, which lets the sales staff communicate, collaborate, and view sales dashboards from within Dynamics 365.
LzLabs transforms mainframe technology solutions by leveraging open source on Microsoft Azure


LzLabs is a Swiss software company focused on transforming traditional mainframe technology with their Software Defined Mainframe (SDM) solution. SDM combined with Microsoft Azure open source capabilities enables both Linux and cloud infrastructure to process thousands of mainframe transactions per second, while maintaining enterprise requirements for reliability, availability, serviceability, and security. The LzLabs software solution with Microsoft Azure allows the executable form of legacy customer mainframe programs to operate without changes and without compromising performance in a contemporary and cost-effective computing environment.

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