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Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
in global marketing campaign

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Microsoft helps car dealer app builder achieve global credibility

Bright Box LLC

Bright Box is a fast-growing former Microsoft BizSpark incubator success story building on its initial Microsoft-assisted breakthrough – a remote vehicle manager, Remoto – with a new offering: a toolkit that enables a car dealer to swiftly and easily build personalized mobile apps for customers called Dealer Mobility. This toolkit, built with open source software hosted on the Azure platform, is popular with 450+dealers and 500,000 users on both iOS and Android, including 20% of the top players in Eastern Europe.
Vetco keeps tails wagging with help from the cloud

Vetco Clinics

Americans spent more than US$60 billion on their pets in 2015. That figure corresponds to the elevation of pets from mere backyard beasts to beloved family members who sleep in our beds. Vetco Clinics, a subsidiary of Petco, a leading pet specialty retailer, helps Americans keep those family members healthy with preventive services such as vaccinations and diagnostic screening.
BI provider optimizes data processing with Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Based in Tokyo, Japan, Agoop is a business intelligence provider that combines location information and big data. One of its daily reporting systems that uses data entered by employees was experiencing issues in terms of operational effort and costs. The existing database environment could not keep up with the volume of data that was being batch processed, and Agoop had to manage multiple systems for data linkage and analysis.
Bringing the Industrial IoT to life with advanced analytics


There’s no shortage of news about the Internet of Things (IoT) these days, but for all the buzz that’s been created, there’s one side of it whose real-world impact is actually more significant than the coverage it’s received. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)—harnessing data produced by connected industrial sensors and devices—is predicted to have a larger impact on global economic output than any of the other big data sources.
CFD setup and computational time cut 50 percent

CAE Technology Services

Manufacturers in many industries worldwide are using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in designing their products by running simulations of how gases and fluids flow around and through their product materials. CFD offers engineers and researchers the math tools they need to investigate how gases or fluids flow around physical objects to help streamline those flows and optimize the materials and geometry of those objects.
Dutch city revolutionizes municipal work with a 100 percent cloud transformation

Hollands Kroon

Hollands Kroon has radically reimagined what it means to work in municipal government. The city transformed its organizational structure completely and deployed Microsoft cloud solutions to empower employees to do their best work whenever, wherever, and however they want. Employee morale is up, absences and costs are down, and the city is working to harness the power of fully digitized information to improve decision making. Having a more mobile work force means that the city can better deliver services to its citizens.
Schneider Electric extends access to electricity

Schneider Electric

Believing that access to energy is a basic human right, Schneider Electric designs transformative solutions for global challenges. Schneider Electric uses Microsoft Azure IoT Suite and Cortana Intelligence Suite to monitor and manage remote equipment, successfully balancing access to electricity with sustainability. Schneider’s solutions enable users to monitor battery-powered photovoltaic (PV) installations in remote locations, optimize solar power plants, and interactively monitor home thermostats.
Using Cloud technology to provide those with disabilities a range of employment opportunities

Ballarat Regional Industries

Smaller businesses are constantly looking for growth. To succeed, it is about overcoming business challenges such as paper-based systems and sales forecasting. Ballarat Regional Industries, a non-profit experiencing the same challanges as commercial businesses, has now adopted Cloud technology to become the centre of excellence employing people with disabilities.
Wearable technology firm is helping people who are visually impaired “see” the world


Pivothead makes wearable technology that looks like regular eyewear, but allows customers to shoot high-definition video, capture still images, and stream personal POV experiences live. Using Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs, Pivothead is working on a project for people with impaired vision, which incorporates software that translates images and text to speech, and provides detailed descriptions that help them “see” the world in front of them.
Alaska Airlines meets its customers in the cloud

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines serves more than 17 million customers a year with a route that spans 60 cities in three countries. To build on its reputation for pioneering technologies, the company is perfecting the mobile-centric customer and employee experience. In the Xamarin platform in Microsoft Visual Studio’s integrated development environment, Alaska Airlines developers can reuse their C# skills to build native Android, iOS and Windows applications that deliver the right information to the right person at the right time.

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