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Heineken uses the cloud to reach 10.5 million consumers
in global marketing campaign

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Kotak Mahindra Bank changing their HR landscape with Zing HR

Kotak Mahindra Bank

The rapid evolution of the enterprise eco-system gave rise to the need of more agile Human Resource Management (HRM). ZingHR was in the position to adequately handle this demand and they did. With their unique approach, ZingHR was changing the entire HR landscape. Then the requirements started changing. Their client’s employees were asking for more mobility and the clients were in turn looking at ZingHR to accommodate this need.
Hospital uses wearable device to create new healthcare reality for people with epilepsy

Poole Hospital

Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust helped form the Epilepsy Care Alliance, which aims to change the way clinicians evaluate and treat people with epilepsy. Together with Graphnet Health, Shearwater Systems, the University of Kent, and Microsoft, Poole Hospital is developing and evaluating a solution using Microsoft Band and the Graphnet myCareCentric platform to engage patients and help doctors deliver more effective care. The project will help providers deliver timelier treatment at less cost and could create a new reality in epilepsy care.
Airline leverages Microsoft Services to put real-time data in hands of pilots with Surface devices running Windows 10


Based in the United States, ExpressJet Airlines is committed to safety and outstanding customer service. The airline wanted to make its operations more efficient, streamline day-to-day tasks, and provide pilots with crucial real-time data. They partnered with Microsoft Services to deploy Windows 10 on Microsoft Surface 3 devices, loaded with the weather, mapping, and flight information the pilots need. Now pilots use a lightweight device, eliminating the need to carry heavy flight bags with paper manuals to and from the aircraft.
Becton Dickinson Pioneers Cloud-based SAP Training Environment

Becton Dickinson

If you’ve ever had your blood drawn, more than likely it was collected with a Becton Dickinson device. From smart injectables to anesthesia and diabetes care to molecular diagnostics and microbiology solutions, BD is one of the largest providers of medical devices and technology. Its 45,000 associates enable medical professionals to help patients in 50 countries worldwide. Faced with company growth and acquisitions, Sheila McBride, Senior Director of Application Services, wondered how the company would adapt its complex on-premises SAP training environment to rapidly share policies and procedures with employees in order to support BD’s customers, health care providers around the world.  Although the rest of the healthcare industry remained cautious when it came to the cloud, McBride thought flexibility and scalability might be the answer she needed. To help pioneer changes in her industry, McBride says she naturally turned to the partner she’d relied on for other solutions — Microsoft Services.
Uber boosts platform security with the Face API, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services


Millions of people worldwide have embraced Uber as a new means of reliable transportation and flexible income. To safeguard against fraud and enhance both driver and rider peace of mind, Uber uses the Face API, part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, to help ensure the driver using the app matches the account on file. The extra verification step is fast, works on all smartphones and in dim light, and scales to more than 1 million driver-partners. By using the Face API, Uber saved months of development work, time it could devote to tailoring the user experience.
NASCAR team speeds access to decision-making data with cloud computing

Hendrick Motorsports

Hendrick Motorsports holds a record 11 championships in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. But in any race, every second matters. In order to keep its competitive edge, the company wanted to gather race-related data quickly enough to make time-critical decisions during races. Hendrick Motorsports worked with Microsoft Services to deploy Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Windows 10, and is now able to gather real-time data, communicate more efficiently between teams, and work seamlessly across devices.
Asian garment manufacturer gains competitive advantage with operating system upgrade

Crystal Group

Crystal Group, a garment manufacturer in Hong Kong, is modernizing its workplace and embracing mobility to meet the challenges of accelerated sales cycles and more complicated orders from global customers. Crystal is deploying the Windows 10 operating system to its entire workforce and using Microsoft Azure cloud-based security services to enable anytime, anywhere productivity. Three Windows 10 apps automate the sales cycle, differentiating the company with its faster delivery of prototype garments.
Hoster uses Shielded VMs to help security-sensitive customers move to the cloud

Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace, one of the biggest names in managed hosting, prides itself on providing customers with Fanatical Support, which means the uniquely best cloud solution and experience for every customer. However, the most security-conscious organizations would not host with Rackspace (or anyone) out of concern that Rackspace administrators could access their data. With the introduction of the Windows Server 2016 operating system, Rackspace was able to put that sales-blocker to rest. Using Shielded Virtual Machines and the Nano Server installation option in Windows Server 2016—augmented by Microsoft System Center 2016 and Microsoft Operations Management Suite for better security monitoring—Rackspace can move customers into a private cloud with the highest level of security assurance. And help them reap all the economic and scalability benefits of cloud computing.
BD Develops Connected Health Vision, Envisions New Solutions with Strategic Consultation 

Becton Dickinson

BD manufactures medical devices, including diagnostic, diabetes, and pharmaceutical systems used in 50 countries worldwide.
Tyco keeps life-safety monitoring applications running without interruption using containers and microservices


Tyco is the eyes and ears of thousands of companies around the world. It provides fire and security protection for sprawling corporate campuses, retail stores, universities, and even ships at sea. To keep its eyes and ears open, Tyco has to ensure that its monitoring systems are up and running around the clock. And that quickly takes us into the complex world of software application construction. Tyco is taking advantage of Windows Server 2016, and in particular Windows Server Containers, to first containerize legacy applications and then re-architect them using microservices. This one-two software punch will give the security giant the ability to update large, older applications in a modular fashion and keep monitoring applications running continuously. It also lets Tyco scale applications to handle larger monitoring loads and run those applications in the cloud to reduce costs. Systems run smoothly so everyone can sleep better at night.

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