Azure support

Find a range of support options for a variety of needs, whether you’re a solo developer newly exploring the cloud or a company deploying business-critical workloads on Microsoft Azure.

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Trial, testing, and development

If you’re getting started with Azure in a non-production environment or trying it out for your business, the Developer plan gives you access to Azure support resources and engineers to troubleshoot issues with unlimited technical support during business hours.

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Production workloads

When you’re running a production workload on Azure and need 24x7 technical support with a fast response time, the Standard plan provides you with quick access to support resources and engineers whenever you need them, so you can troubleshoot issues with unlimited technical support.

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Business-critical functions

If you need faster response times, proactive monitoring and high-severity incident escalation management from a collaborative account management team, you want Professional Direct support. You also get more services, information, and experts, plus news about upcoming features and releases.

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If you need company-wide support across Azure and other Microsoft technologies, consider Premier Support.

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