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    "Try Azure Now" experience is ****

    The Try Azure experience looks promising, but a cursory peek under the covers leads to a bad experience. I'm on the Logic Apps home page and there's a big Try Logic Apps now button. 1. Clicking that prompts me to create a Web App, or API App, these aren't Logic Apps, are they? Confusing. Then I go ahead and create an API App, and I receive a helpful email from azure-noreply (why no reply, don't you want our feedback?), suggesting I sign in and use the App Service Editor to make a change in the forward-facing code (wtf is forward-facing code btw), so I do that, and what do I see? No code that can be changed, just a compiled website with dlls. Utter pointless ****. Give us the source code so we can play with it, i.e. Controllers etc, not a compiled website you morons. I look forward to the usual trite Microsoft dismissal of feedback. Thank you, and have a nice day now.

    Change Activity Logs to store last n events

    Today, Activity Logs retain the last month activity only. Although they can be exported to Log Analytics, missing activity history can lead into high security issues, especially for resources created long time ago. I suggest to change the way of working of Activity Logs to store (forever) the last n (e.g. 100?) events.

    Avg Antivirus Technical Support Phone Number +44 845 528 0235

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    AOL Technical Support Number +44 845 528 0235

    But there are the instances when you see Aol mistake system code 420 while using your email concern. There are some reasons by which this mistake happens. The objective may be that the registry of your pc has a corrupt details data file or two on it and this is interrupting the connections between your pc and the Aol Support.

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