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    Longer term trial licenses

    Microsoft doesn't have an offering to train on. You get one month with a $200 credit. That's not long enough to properly learn a platform. It does not seem to be a good way to increase industry knowledge. AWS has a one year free tier, Oracle also gives two free vms, along with a lot of other resources long-term. Microsoft itself has 180 day evaluation trials of Windows Server and many other products.

    Azure Boards integration with MS Planner

    Azure DevOps Services are already well integrated with MS Teams - which in return is integrated with MS Planner. Why not get the full experience and flexibility by integrating Azure Boards with MS Planner.Theoretically it would be pretty simple:• Planner Task Lists = Board Sprints• Planner Tasks = Board Epics• Planner Checklist items = Boards Tasks• Board automatically creates Task Lists, Tasks and Checklists in Planner• Board automatically import Planner content as Sprints, Epics and Tasks• Status is syncronized between Planner and Boards• Planner checklist statusses can be 'to do, 'doing' and 'done' just as Board Tasks

    classic admins cannot be included in PIM scope

    Currently classic admins like service administrator cannot be included in the PIM scope nor the service administrator can be deleted. Please deprecate the classic admins or include classic admins in PIM scope.

    How can I Reset or Change PayPal Password?

    You need to create an account, which remains protected through passwords. But, have you ever imagined a situation where you have forgot PayPal password? Well, in that situation, you will get PayPal access denied pop-ups or you will simply not able to enter your account. So, in circumstances like this, we require the options to reset the PayPal password or change it. In case, you are also stuck in a similar kind of situation, make sure to go to Paypal Nederland Contact to get instant support, available 24/7.

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