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    Change route-based VPN to a policy-based VPN

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    API Gateway in Azure Stack

    when can we find API Gateway in Azure Stack?

    Let the Load Balancer create rules with forwarding based on source network

    We have several networks connecting to the same loadbalancer. Based on the network the connection it is coming from, it has to continue to a specific port. For example connections from to port 8000 should go to the backendpool port 9000 and connections from also port 8000 should go to backendpool port 9100. This is not possible with the Azure load balancer.

    APIM Basic SKU base Capacity metrics very high

    A vanilla new APIM Basic SKU capacity meter can show utilization over 30% of it's capacity and CPU with no requests being routed through it.This is not occurring to Developer or Standard SKUs.I expect same behavior as other SKUs.Azure support is unable to tell what in background churns APIM resources.This becomes particularly critical as you start routing production traffic through and something may suddenly take 30+% of your capacity.

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