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    Azure support portal needs better formatting

    Azure support techs follow up by email or phone. When they follow-up by email, the tech will often dump the email into the support ticket. Maybe this part is even automated, i.e. the email response automatically goes to the ticket as well. The impulse here is good, but the result is near unusable.I've blurred out the details, but as you can see from the attached image, a single message in an already lengthy ticket scrolls off the screen. The email content is being dumped without formatting and without pruning so that the entire history of the email chain is preserved IN EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE.This particular ticket is even worse than normal because there's very little content to begin with, just a very long chain of the support tech replying to their own previous message asking us repeatedly if we'd like to pay for Premium support.Call me old fashioned, but I like my support tickets to always have concise, up-to-date state on the issue at hand. Useless information should be hide-able by any party in there own view. I would also love for the default behaviour of the support techs (and/or their tools) to change from dumping only email correspondence to accurately summarizing the discussion. It's a very useful skill that support people should be practising constantly.For composing entries, I'd suggest something standard like Markdown.See also:

    Enable Custom Greeting Prompts for Azure B2C MFA Phone Call

    Currently, we're unable to upload custom greetings to be used for Azure B2C MFA Phone Calls. This feature is enabled in regular Azure AD, but not Azure AD B2C. We'd like this option to be enabled so that when our customers are authenticating to our application, they don't receive a call identified as Microsoft. We'd rather identify the MFA call with our company name.

    pitsanu boonsakul


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