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    Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer

    AZCopy needs to be cleaning itself up. After using MASE for a couple of weeks uploading files to blob storage, I had over 50GB of azcopy logs and journals. Thats crazy!

    check how much nodes there are actually in an aks cluster before applying scale up/scale down.

    When using scale up/scale down of nodes on azure it often does not work because of errors thrown by draining. This requires manual deletion of the node using kubectl. However, azure does not notice a node got deleted so continues to claim there are for example 2 nodes instead of 1. When then applying scale down to 1 node it does not check the amount of nodes in the k8s cluster but just blindly deletes the only node still existing in the cluster. This means Azure is now claiming there is 1 node instead of the 0 reported by kubectl.

    Screen/Audio Capturing Issue, when RDP session is Minimized or get Disconnected

    I run a Python script through which it can record the Screen/Audio of the session for that particular VM. The same way where we record the meetings over Skype. Whenever we minimize or disconnect the VM active session, the script fails to capture the screen as well as the audio which was running at that point when RDP session is Opened. I even tried it over AWS and PaperSpace Instances , my script is running fine. If you can help me out on this issue, it would be great work my task.

    Please add a category in this feedback forum for Azure Application Gateway

    Please add a category in this feedback forum for Azure Application Gateway

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