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    Make environment variables accessible through Cron job

    The calling of an environment variable through a Cron job should have the same accessibility for calling environment variables through the provided kudu Shell

    Azure VM diagnostic logs lifecycle management

    Currently there is no system to manage the diagnostic logs lifecycle other than creating automation jobs. Please create a system to delete/overwrite logs after 1, 3, 6 12 months.

    Bind Reserved Instances to the customer and not the agreement.

    During an EA to CSP or between CSPs migration RIs are not moved, they have to be cancelled and re-purchased. This brings massive challenges.- Microsoft only allows cancellations of RIs up to 50k per year for a customer. Any cancellations request above this have to be approved by the business desk and the likelihood is they will deny it.- When re-purchased the clocks reset. That is, if you have a 3 year reservation bought 1 year ago, when you re-purchase it you start a new 3 year term.- The challenge is even worst for CSPs. If they purchase reservations for a customer and customer leaves they have to continue to pay for these reservations. They might be able to move internally to another customer, if they lucky to have another customer which is using the same instance types, etc.The key here is that the customer will continue to buy Microsoft services during such migration, only the channel he is buying from changes. So they should not be penalized this way.

    Make Azure AD premium Free

    Make Azure AD Premium Free. A lot of our Tenants are having their mailboxes breached. Seems like Azure Premium has good security features that could really help us but it costs too much. This should be free.

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