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    Send Privileged Identity Management (PIM) logs to Log Analytics/Azure Monitor

    There is currently only a manual option to export PIM logs to a CSV file. It would be especially helpful for admins to be able to automatically export the logs to a Log Analytics workspace and have the ability to create workbooks with the data.

    Send notification to customers if the maintenance will reboot the services

    We know there're many updates are patching in the backend of Azure. And we know most of them will not effect the customers. But sometimes it'll reboot the services, like Azure MySQL, VPN Gateway. This would be a problem if it occurs in the application busy time.If Azure can notify the customer in advance for the updates rebooting the services, they can do some preparation for the outage.

    Translate Powershell's New-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment command to an equivalent Azure CLI command

    It would be nice to add AD service app role to a service principal (e.g. to Azure Event Grid Service Principal) via Azure CLI.Currently it is only possible via Powershell's command New-AzureADServiceAppRoleAssignment.More info:


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