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    Azure B2C should allow to customize the text message.

    Currently the SMS sent from Azure B2C tenent while enabling MFA has Microsoft stamp on it, Which doesnt make sense to any user. When we use B2C tenent for my product and enabled MFA i dont have option to remove MS stamp from the SMS or not able to add my product name in the SMS

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    Factors affecting the development of the China grinding disc manufacturer?

    It should be known that China's grinding disc industry is a stage of rapid development at a late stage. Before the 1990s, it was a material that was used to treat medium and low hardness. After many years of development, the changes in the grinding disc are also diverse, and what is the future change? What are the factors that affect the development of the China grinding disc manufacturer market now? At present, China mainly distributes grinding discs to domestic and foreign markets. It has a more objective view of the global market environment, and also summarizes some changes in the future. It is mainly divided into several aspects: environmental protection, high output, low power consumption, and cater to the market. Demand, technological innovation. 1. Environmental protection. In a previous report, it has been shown who has mastered the theme of green environmental protection and who has mastered the future market. 2. The output of the grinding disc is high and the energy consumption is low. This is not only the dream of the users of the grinding disc, but also the ideal of the future development of the grinding disc manufacturers. 3. Cater to the needs of the market. More surveys of the needs of market users, and then a summary analysis, to obtain different requirements for the processing of grinding discs in different time periods. As long as you master the user's demand route, you can master the future market. 4. Technology update. The update of technology is based on the third point. The unchanging manufacturers will only go to the road of extinction.

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