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    FEATURE NOAH: Add Abstraction Layer between user visible content and backend Azure Cloud

    IDEA:Names, should be able to be changed quickly (between 1 to 5 min). If there is going to be an impact (i.e. VM will need to be rebooted) simply notify upon submission of a name change.CONFIGURABLE ITEMS:VM NameVNET NameSUBNET NameRG NameNSG NameRTBL NameEXPLANATION:A layer of abstraction would give Azure a huge level of respect in the user community and be a massive differentiator over other Cloud providers. Imagine running a script to rename all of your environment after M&A, redesign, etc.Adding one layer of abstraction on top of the existing layer would break the dependency between what the user sees/modifies and what Azure calls the object. The user would interact with Azure Configurable Items using one layer of abstraction, while Azure itself would interact with those Configurable Items using a lower level layer.IMPACT:Would impact every user of Azure in a significant way.

    Cómo migrar Zimbra a Exchange Server

    Utilice una solución comercial como la herramienta Zimbra a Exchange Server para migrar con éxito los archivos de Zimbra a la cuenta de Exchange Server. Esta aplicación es una solución muy útil para permitir a los usuarios migrar Zimbra a Exchange Server en modo masivo al mismo tiempo sin perder datos. Esta herramienta admite archivos protegidos con contraseña.Leer Más:

    Enable custom page on Azure CDN for first response timeout error

    We do not have any option to setup a custom error page on Azure CDN, for first response timeout error.This is when the application is experiencing heavy traffic and becomes unstable for that period AZURE CDN timesout the operation and display serveice unavaialble message. Which we want to let our users know that due to heavy traffic service is temporarity busy processing, and to try again in sometime.

    Cannot delete vault, the last resource in a resource group

    Cannot delete vault, the last resource in a resource group

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