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Syscoin joins the Azure Ecosystem

Posted on March 31, 2017

Senior Software Engineer, Blockchain Engineering

I’m excited to announce that Syscoin and its parent company, Blockchain Foundry, have recently launched three blockchain products which are now LIVE on Azure.

Developers can now deploy:

  1. A full Syscoin node through Azure.
  2. Stand up and configure customized exchange rates for use in Syscoin’s distributed marketplace via Syscoin’s Price Peg Server.
  3. Access Syscoin’s entire suite of blockchain-based services and smart contracts via the Syscoin API.

Through Syscoin’s API product, developers can create blockchain-enabled applications using Syscoin’s suite of decentralized business services, including digital certificates, secure messaging, marketplace offers, payments and escrow transactions. 

Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry are important partners on Azure. We are proud to welcome them to the platform and we look forward to an ongoing partnership with the team.  

Syscoin’s suite of blockchain products can be deployed here: Syscoin Product Suite.