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Mark Russinovich

Mark Russinovich

Chief Technology Officer and Technical Fellow, Microsoft Azure

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Advancing Microsoft Azure resilience with Chaos Studio 

Microsoft Azure Chaos Studio solution helps you measure, understand, improve, and maintain the resilience of your application through hypothesis-driven chaos experiments.

Satisfied executive customer working and collaborating with investment advisor on investment decisions using intelligent apps powered by Azure.

Published • 6 min read

How Azure is ensuring the future of GPUs is confidential 

In Microsoft Azure, we are continually innovating to enhance security, such as our collaboration with our hardware partners to create a new foundation based on silicon, that enables new levels of data protection through memory encryption using Confidential Computing.

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Published • 4 min read

The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team launches Radius, a new open application platform for the cloud 

The Microsoft Azure Incubations team is excited to announce Radius, a cloud-native application platform that enables developers and platform engineers who support them to collaborate on delivering and managing cloud-native applications that follow corporate best practices for cost, operations, and security, by default.

Insights from the 2023 Open Confidential Computing Conference 

I had the opportunity to participate in this year’s Open Confidential Computing Conference (OC3), hosted by our software partner, Edgeless Systems. The panel featured some of the industry’s most respected technology leaders.

Published • 4 min read

Azure Confidential Computing on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with Intel TDX 

Microsoft continues to be the cloud leader in confidential computing, and the Azure team is excited to continue our leadership by partnering with Intel to offer confidential computing on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors with Intel Trusted Domain Extensions (Intel TDX) later this year, enabling organizations in highly regulated industries to lift and shift their workloads with sensitive data to scale in the cloud.

Published • 9 min read

New Project Flash Update: Advancing Azure Virtual Machine availability monitoring 

“Earlier this year, we introduced Project Flash in the Advancing Reliability blog series, to reaffirm our commitment to empowering Azure customers in monitoring virtual machine (VM) availability in a…