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Victor Bahl

Victor Bahl

Technical Fellow and Chief Technology Officer, Azure for Operators

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Empowering operators through generative AI technologies with Azure for Operators 

Within Azure for Operators, we are taking advantage of the significant investments Microsoft has made and its expertise in programming foundation models by developing technical solutions that will give our customers a competitive advantage.

A programmer uses a computer to write code to develop network security and enhance product safety.

Published • 5 min read

Unlocking the potential of in-network computing for telecommunication workloads 

As we continue to explore the frontiers of in-network computing, we see a future rife with possibilities, exciting research directions, and new deployments in production environments. Our present efforts with TEA and ExoPlane have shown us what’s possible with on-rack resource augmentation and elastic in-network computing.

Scalable management of virtualized RAN with Kubernetes 

At Microsoft, we believe our Azure system and network management tools and expertise can be repurposed to manage and optimize telecommunication infrastructure as well. Here we describe some of the more interesting technologies that fit into the management of a cloud-based telecommunications infrastructure.

Security for next generation telecommunication networks 

It’s clear that attacks on the national communications infrastructure will occur with much greater sophistication than ever before. Because of this, we continue to develop our networks and systems with security as our first principle and we stay constantly vigilant. To these ends, Microsoft has adopted a zero-trust security architecture in all our platforms, services, and network functions.

Published • 4 min read

Microsoft and AT&T demonstrate 5G-powered video analytics 

In November 2021, Microsoft and AT&T announced the launch of Microsoft Azure public MEC (multi-access edge compute) with AT&T’s site in Atlanta, Georgia. To light up new compelling applications with Azure public MEC that benefit from low latency 5G connectivity, we are making available a video analytics library under the umbrella of Edge Video Services.

Published • 4 min read

Diversifying the telecommunications supply chain with Open RAN 

Over the past few years, there has been an increasingly steady drumbeat for the need to diversify and open the telecommunications supply chain. A key part of this supply chain that can be diversified is radio access network (RAN), where operators have typically spent most of their investments in network infrastructure. To address the need for diversification, groups such as the O-RAN alliance have formed to open up RAN capabilities.

The intersection of edge computing, telecommunications networks, and the cloud 

Microsoft believes the telecom edge is the catalyst creating a new world where the telecom and cloud industries join forces to eliminate duplication while creating a new era of latency-sensitive applications and services. In this article, we focus on what’s next, including the topic of edge computing for telecommunications, which has been evolving into the next wave of innovation, and one we must embrace.

Published • 6 min read

Video analytics at the edge, an ideal technology for 5G cloud monetization 

Creating a programmable software infrastructure for telecommunication operations promises to reduce both the capital expenditure (CAPEX) and the operational expenses (OPEX) of the 5G telecommunications operators. In this blog, we focus on video, the dominant traffic type on the internet since the introduction of 4G networks.

Published • 5 min read

How cloud computing can improve 5G wireless networks 

A great deal has been written about the technologies fueling 5G, especially how those technologies will improve the experience that users have regarding connectivity. Similarly, much has been said about how ongoing developments in technology will usher in a new generation of network-aware applications.