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Announcing the release of Universal Windows Apps SDK for Azure Mobile Engagement

Posted on April 16, 2015

Senior Program Manager, Azure Mobile Engagement
Last month we released a preview of the Azure Mobile Engagement service which enables you to:
  1. Collect analytics data about how your mobile app users are using your app and
  2. Engage with them with targeted push notifications and in-app messages to grow your app usage
Today, I am excited to announce the release of the Universal Windows Apps SDK for Mobile Engagement service. The SDK is published as a Nuget package here. You can import this Nuget package from a Windows Universal App and it will install the correct binaries and other files required for you to integrate with Mobile Engagement to monitor the app and receive push notifications. You will find a detailed Windows Universal Apps tutorial here which takes you through all the steps to complete the integration. As always, please continue using our Uservoice link to provide feedback and know that we are listening. Thank you!