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Julia Liuson

Julia Liuson

President, Developer Division

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Microsoft joins Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Working Groups at Eclipse Foundation 

We’re excited to announce that Microsoft has joined the Eclipse Foundation Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Working Groups as an Enterprise and Corporate member, respectively. Our goal is to help advance these technologies to deliver better outcomes for our Java customers and the broader community.

Published • 5 min read

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise is now available in preview 

When we launched Azure Spring Cloud with VMware in 2019, we set out to solve common challenges developers, IT operators, and DevOps teams face when running Spring Boot applications at scale. We are thankful to the many customers and partners who participated in the private preview and shared their learnings, and we are excited to announce that Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise is now available in public preview.

Published • 3 min read

Announcing Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise—fully managed VMware Tanzu components and advanced configurability for Spring Boot apps 

Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise is a managed service for Spring that is optimized for the needs of enterprise developers. We’ve collaborated with VMware to combine the cloud platform expertise of Microsoft with the innovation of the VMware Tanzu portfolio. Azure Spring Cloud Enterprise adds commercial Tanzu components built specifically to address enterprise requirements around configuration, integration, flexibility, and support.

Published • 7 min read

Azure is the home for your enterprise Java applications 

Microservice architectures are becoming more prevalent, and developers are building more applications on cloud platforms using containers and managed services. The Java ecosystem is complex and running Java applications in the cloud at an enterprise scale can be challenging. Our customers are asking us to help them modernize their Java applications and run them on an enterprise-grade platform—Java on Azure.

Published • 3 min read

Meeting developer needs with powerful new features in Azure Cache for Redis 

In May, we announced a groundbreaking partnership with Redis Labs to bring their Redis Enterprise software to Azure as a part of Azure Cache for Redis. We were humbled by the level of excitement and interest we received. We are announcing that you can now use Redis to tackle new challenges while making your caches larger and more resilient than ever before.