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Announcing General Availability of Consumption and Charge APIs for Enterprise Azure customers

Posted on August 1, 2017

Senior Program Manager, Azure Intelligence Platform

We are very pleased to announce the General Availability release of the Azure Consumption and Charge APIs that we previewed in May of this year. Enterprise customers can use these API’s to pull Azure Charge and Usage data for both Azure and Market Place resources. These APIs enable organizations to gain deep insights into their usage and spend for all workloads running on Azure. The Usage Details and Marketplace Store Charges API’s have been enhanced to support both custom date ranges and billing periods. Also, Price Sheet API now has a new column Meter ID which can be used to look up the usage details for the specific meter.

The current preview API’s mentioned in our preview blog posts will continue to stay operational until December 4, 2017 and will be deprecated after that.

Learn more by reading the detailed documentation on getting started with the APIs. Currently, we also have a Power BI Content Pack that can be used by enterprise customers for performing detailed analysis on their azure usage and spend details.

Details of the APIs

  • Balance and Summary: The Balance and Summary API offers a monthly summary of information on balances, new purchases, Azure Marketplace service charges, adjustments, and overage charges.
  • Usage Details: The Usage Detail API offers a daily breakdown of consumed quantities and estimated charges by an enrollment. The result also includes information on instances, meters, and departments. The API can be queried by billing period or by a specified start and end date.
  • Marketplace Store Charge: The Marketplace Store Charge API returns the usage-based marketplace charges breakdown by day for the specified billing period or start and end dates.
  • Price Sheet: The Price Sheet API provides the applicable rate for each meter for the given enrollment and billing period. We have also added a meterId field to help customers cross check their data with usage.
  • Billing Periods: The Billing Periods API returns a list of billing periods that have consumption data for the specified enrollment in reverse chronological order. Each period contains a property pointing to the API route for the four sets of data, Balance Summary, Usage Details, Marketplace Charges, and Price Sheet.

What’s next?

We are working on providing this data in ARM as part of a consistent channel agnostic API set. As always, we welcome any feedback or suggestion you may have. These can be sent to us using the Azure Feedback Forum and Azure MSDN forum. We will continue to enhance our collateral with additional functionality to provide richer insights into your usage and spend data for all workloads running on Azure.