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Announcing API Management policies to integrate external services

Posted on 7 December, 2015

Senior Content Developer,

We are pleased to announce a new set of policies designed to make it easy to integrate external services into your Azure API Management request/response pipeline. Existing policies allow a wide range of manipulations to HTTP requests and responses. However, the new send-request, send-one-way-request and return-response policies enable interactions with external services using HTTP.

These policies were introduced in response to feedback from customers looking to extend their use of the API Management service to allow them to declaratively compose HTTP services in order to serve their customers better.

Examples of scenarios that can be enabled with these policies include:

  • Alerting of error conditions
  • Validation of reference tokens
  • Aggregating responses from distinct backend services
  • Transparent Versioning
  • Edge Caching

Get Started

Learn how to use the new policies to integrate with external services from your API Management service in recently updated documentation.

References for the new policies:

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