Scale on demand, only pay for what you use

With Azure, you can spin up new Windows Server and Linux virtual machines in minutes and adjust your usage as your needs change. With our pay-as-you-go approach, you only pay for what you use and there are never any penalties for changing your virtual machine configurations.

Best platform for Microsoft applications and databases

Azure works seamlessly with your existing Microsoft applications and, unlike Amazon Web Services, Microsoft provides end-to-end support from the infrastructure to your operating system to your applications. Whether it's SQL Server, SharePoint, Active Directory, or Visual Studio, you'll get best in class support from Microsoft.

Best platform for dev and test

As an MSDN subscriber, you'll have access to an image gallery which contains multiple versions of the Windows Server operating system and additional server software like SQL Server, SharePoint Server and BizTalk Server enabling you to quickly develop and test components at discounted rates. You'll also be able to use your own MSDN server software licenses and bits to create Virtual Machines tailored to your specific needs.

Extend your environment

With Azure Virtual Machines, you can deploy your own customized Windows Server or Linux images into a multi-zone, commercially backed SLA production environment in minutes or get started with a pre-configured image from our gallery. With Azure and our Virtual Network technology, the cloud is a seamless extension of your datacenter taking full advantage of Microsoft System Center, Active Directory and Visual Studio.

Capacity in minutes, adjust as needed

Use your own images or build on the pre-configured images we provide to create robust deployments in minutes. We offer best in class price-performance for production as well as dev and test scenarios, making it easy for you to move between cloud and on-premises to suit your needs.

"Windows Azure Virtual Machines was such a good solution for us. We could develop and test using IaaS instead of investing in servers. The time savings throughout the process was enormous." Andreas Hogberg, IT Director, Telenor Learn More

Fully supported, robust infrastructure for SharePoint

Quickly spin up SharePoint Server farms with a single click and no upfront investments. Integrate full-trust code to run rich custom apps and build Internet-facing sites. Scale on demand, test with the version you plan to deploy, and pay only for what you use.

Scaling Toyota's site with SharePoint 2013 and Azure

"We could just pick up our SQL installs, move them over to Azure VMs, and pick up where we left off." Adam Salvo, DevOps Manager, Trek

Fully supported, robust infrastructure for SQL Server

Develop, test and run applications with full SQL Server functionality or migrate existing on-premises applications to cloud for cost or performance benefits. Unlock new hybrid business continuity strategies like deploying SQL Server AlwaysOn primary databases on-premises and cloud-based secondary databases in Virtual Machines.


Health care organization manages records with Azure Active Directory

Single identity for single sign-on

Build hybrid services and cloud applications deliver to users with single sign-on. Apply your existing identities to apps running in Virtual Machines with your on-premises Active Directory services. Running Office 365? Simply run Active Directory Federation Services in Virtual Machines to sync with on-premises identities for single sign-on.

Create a Virtual Machine Running Windows Server

Provision, migrate, and manage your virtual machines

Provision infrastructure when you need it. In this tutorial, you’ll choose an image from the Virtual Machines image gallery and choose the virtual machine configuration. Then you’ll be up and running with a virtual machine in Azure!

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